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Not today..



so today is a "MS" kind of day. Meaning my brain and body don't work together. That has caused some of a headache for me because I feel as if I'm letting my husband down. I know he is under stress and working that makes him tired but still it bothers me. I can't shake that feelings.


I'm not like his mother and he knows that and loves me for that but she was a subservient person who never worked to stay home a run a family. I know she didn't go through a stroke but I feel I need to be handling things better then what I am. I have days that I can clean and make a good meal and all is good. But as you all know I have days, as you do, that you can't even get off the couch. Well today is that day.


" you know how you can help me?" he always says to me with a lovingly smile, " get better". he is a wonderful man. I have no bad things to ever say about him. I just wish he knew, which I know he does, how much I appreciate him.



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don't be so hsrd on yourself. try to do your best which is whatever you can do within your physical limits. I usually cook more on a day I m cooking & next day then I have to do just one more additional item which is not hard. having understanding husband makes a great difference in person's life.


try to do your best & rest leave on God.



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Kelly: Bruce's schedule is pretty brutal and I must say that for the most part he handles it with grace and a smile, but every one in a while-every few weeks-he asks "Not today." Since our winter was so horrid here in the NE, we had a lot of down days, where we couldn't get out, and when we finally could, those days were jammed-packed catching up.


I take those days to catch up on my never-ending list of things to do and calls to make. If he rests up, reads and then helps with dinner, it is a good, well-deserved day off. I am sure your husband feels the same.


Don't fall into the guilts. Take the time that your body and brain are telling you that you need to recover.


Prayers, Debbie

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