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Wow! I actually made dinner!



It's been a while since I've done that.


The past few weeks, I've gotten home in the evening, or home from an afternoon walk, and tucked myself into bed, or dozed on the sofa, in front of the tv. Logan has not been home much the past few weeks, what with one performance run after another. He's been designing lighting, rigging lights and running them during the shows. By the time he gets hom, all he wants is a shower and his bed. Poor thing has been exhausted. So, Sam has been living on left overs and whatever he decides to make for himself.....all without 1 word of protest, frustration, or anything other than "it's ok, baby."


Last night, we came home from work, and after about 20 minutes of "down time," I made myself get up and go into the kitchen to make dinner, while Sam took a much deserved rest in the bedroom, watching....whatever it was he was watching. Logan was actually home last night....YAY!!!! and was in the livingroom watching "The Hangover", so he and I chatted while I cooked. The dining area and livingroom are 1 big room. If you sit at the dining table, you can still watch tv, so Logan could talk to me over the passthrough, and still see his movie. It was nice having him home for a change.


My tastes have definitely changed. The "boys" as I call them, loved the chicken breasts marinated in rosted garlic and white wine, with a little bit of seasonings. It smelled good to me while I was making it. But I didn't like the taste of it when it was done. I didn't eat much of it. I don't know what was "wrong" with it, per se, I just know it did not appeal to me at all. I contented myself withthe veggies and perogies I made to go along with it.


It was nice to have a family dinner at the dining table again. It just didn't seem much like it was worth it when Logan wasn't home. He's alomst 18 and well on his way out of the house already.


He and his best friend Lance are already working on getting everything together for their apartment! They want to move into the same complex that Laney and Tom are in, so they won't be far, they just won't be home any more. I guess it will be time for Sam and me to down size to a 2 bedroom place instead of 3. I may go ahead and give hte big dining table and chairs to Laney, and go ahead and get just a small dinette set for me and Sam, something that sits 4 for when Tim and Gretchen come over to play cards or Mahjong.


Life is certainly starting to change for me.

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I am glad you made dinner & whole family was together for dinner. At our house so far we always have dinner together. Nothing in life remains same, only change is permanant, so we enjoy our dinner together. I still miss our son sleeping with us in same bedroom. I guess it will be adjustment when he moves out on campus. Well one thing I learnt post stroke life will be just different when he moves out, still good just little different.



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