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Crash! Boom! Bang! Zap!



It is raining so hard I can't even see the cars 100 ft. away in the parking lot. Yuck!! This is day 3 of rain for us, and the worst of it so far. Welcome to "not January" in Florida!


I'm a "sunshine girl." Cloudy weather depresses me after a couple of days. I'm starting to feel it today. My energy is sinking and I am getting a case of the you-know-what-its. Don't feel like working, eating, cooking, or doing much of anything. I'm just waiting for the electricity to go out in the office. Glad my computer is on a battery backup. The agent's computers are not.


The one thing I am trying to use to pull myself out of this funk is the fact that I should have a furry new addition to the family some time soon. We have been looking for a young dog to raise and train as a mobility service dog for me. If everything goes well, we could have one by the end of the weekend. I'm really hoping we do. That is, of course, if the rain will let up enough for us to drive over to meet the candidate. Otherwise, it may take a little longer. WHenever we do bring my future constand companion in, as soon as he is adjusted to his new home and family, training begins.


The lights are flickering in the office now. I expect, any minute, yep! The power just went out!!!

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You will have great time having service dog at home, since all kids r flying out of nest now, your furry friend is going to provide lot of love & comfort to you when you choose to retire.



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