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hi Lavena:


welcome to wonderful & therupetic world of blogging. where through your blogwindow we will learn more about your life. I am sorry to hear that your dad suffered stroke & now feels like giving up, I know we all survivors had gone through similar emotions, I know I did, my stroke at age 34 left me paralysed on my left side, though my family's love and support sustained me during my hard time of recovering. I will admit first 2 years were the hardest emotionally & physically, but due to my hubby's loving support I was able to reclaim my life back, and today after 7 years I can view my stroke as just a bump in my life's journey, though I would not have been at this serene place today without support of my family.


Asha(now 41 year old mom & wife)

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Lavenac: please go back and read MC's Stages of Grieving and look at them from your Dad's perspective. He will go through the whole process on his road to recovery. A bit of insight will help you and your family to cope. Prayers, Debbie

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Lavena, your Dad is just venting, everyone does, you don't have to be a stroke survivor to want to give up. At least in his debilitated state your Dad has a good reason to feel that way.


Just tell him he is okay, safe, looked after and tomorrow is another day. Remind him the worst is over and things can only get better. Keep telling him you love him and you are glad he is still here.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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