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Well last Thursday we took dad with us to the store that was the worst decision ever!! He wanted everything he saw and threw a huge fit. It took us two hours to get out of there. Then he refused to take his medicine. I wanted to quit so bad but instead I walked away and thank god for my amazing boyfriend he was there for me! Dad started his physical therapy on Monday and he actually did really well no complaints through the whole thing it was a miracle. I am learning what makes him mad and how to handle him better. But he still talks nonstop it gives me such a headache whoosh.gif !! But we are surviving. I graduate with my associate's degree in one month I am exicted about that and dad is too.


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The cognitive changes and the personality changes are really hard to cope with.


As you say it is good to look at what triggers a bad event and find a workaround for it. I suggest for a while that if you go shopping Dad just gets a coffee and then you work from a list and if it is not on the list it is "not today, maybe another day".


All this is is impulsive behaviour, he sees it, he wants it. We have an impulse control, his is now switched off. Sadly it may take a few trips to work out a strategy that works so maybe shop with others who can sit with him while you shop for the main items you need.


Congratulations on your Associate's degree, very well done indeed.


(((hugs))) from Sue.

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Ditto to Sue advice. Please let him keep talking non stop cuz if he ended with aphasia you would have to figure out what he was trying to say. take small steps in change for the brain is damaged and need time to make new connections. remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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:congrats: on your associate's degree. Sue has great suggestions on how to deal with his impulse controls. Though as you can see his impulse control is not because he wants to annoy his family but due to his stroke & damaged brain. As in any stroke recovery journey that part needs to be retrained by teaching him skills by being patient. Stroke affects whole family. & No one had asked for this hurtful thing to happen to them or their loved ones. but now that it happened you all have to work together as family to find way which works for your family without blaming each other & becoming bitter. blaming others won't help. I feel adversity can make or break the family depending on maturity of everyone involved. I know stroke journey is not an easy journey to take for everyone involved in it. I wish you & your family lot of strength to get through this tough part of your life. Though remember this "this shall pass too"





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