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He's off to a great start!



We picked Monster up Friday evening after work, and took him strsight to Pet Supermarket, as planned. Food dishes, shampoo, toys, bed, etc. later, we brought him to his new home. The cats were less than pleasedd to see me come in with a dog on a lead, but they don't run the house, no matter what they think. Sam was trying hard to emain detached, so was Logan, in case Monster didn't work out.


Monster didn't even give the cats the time of day, which confused them. There was some hissing and a few slaps, but no major confrontations. When slapped by the cats, Monster simply walked away. Everywhere I went, Monster followed. He walked well on the lead and already undersgtands come, stay, sit, up, dwn, left and no. Monster also seemed to steer me away from roots and other unlevel surfaces. I don't think he was trained, yet, to do that, but it will be a good trait to build on.


He did not attempt to climb onto the furniture until I let him know he was allowed to do so. Now, he prefers the sofa to the floor, but I think that is because it meansa he is closer to me. He listens to Sam and Logan, but he has made it known that he and I are a team.


I got tired and brought him into the bedroom. I let him up on the bed. If the cats can sleep there, so can Monster. Once on the bed, he became very relaxed and happy, quickly settling down with me while I watched a little tv from the bedroom. Sam came to bed some time later. It was ddark in hte bedroom and Monster didn't recognize Sam, s he growled at him, until Sam spoke to Monster. Then he wagged his tail and licked Sam.


Today, I took Monster to our vet. I wanted him to get a good physical and be tested for worms. No matter how well kept an animal is, this is Florida. Theyare bound to get worms. I was right and he is being treated. We started him on an anti flea treatment and heart worm medications. Dr. Kim said that Monste has a very calm and well mannered temperment and thinkshe will be a very good service dog when he finishes his training. It's nice to know the vet feels that way.


Lamey had gone with us to take her cats to the vet to get all of their shots, worming, etc. SHe was taking them back to her house for the first time. Her birthday is tomorrow and my gift to her was paying the pet fees and deposits for her to be able to have her cats in her own apartment. She had asked for roller blades, but decided that being able to snuggle with her cats was even better.


After the vet, we dropped the cats off at Laney's place, where they promptly hid under her bed. They wre not happy with the exam, shots, worming, etc. This was also the very first time they were in Laney's place. Then we took Monster back to Pet Supermarket with us so that Laney could pick up the things that the cats will need. She also spoiled Monster with a set of tennis balls and an unstuffed toy fox. I had used the longer lead for Monster and not given him his "working commands" so he knew he was not expected to ignore things and people, which he took full advantage of at the pet store.


Back home again, Momster was pretty tired. The vet said that would be normal after his treatments and as long as he doesn't show any signs of having a reaction to the medicines, not to worry about it. He's been napping on the sofa most of the time we've been home, with the exception of asking to go outside twice.


Monster is also warming up more to Sam and Logan. He really likes Laney and has yet to meet Garion. But I think we are off to a really fantastic start and I am happy with Monster and looking forward to completing his training with him.


On top of all of that, he really is a cutie!!

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I am so happy for you, monster is settling so well in your household with your set of rules, seems like going to be one big & happy family.



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