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New smells, new people and new dogs



We took Monster with us to visit our friends on Saturday evening. They have a pit bull terrier and a worl hybrid. Both are very well trained and we felt they would be a good first test of how Monster reacts to other dogs. Freya, the pitty, is of an advanced age and doesn't do a lot of running. She can also be a bit of a bully to new animals. Monster handled their meeting well, making it known to her that he was not interested in taking her place in her pack. Talon, the worlf hybrid is younger, also very submissive, and loves to clown around. He and Monster chased each other all over the yard, happily playing until they were both worn out. As we were outside, around teh fire pit, we ended up with 3 dogs sleeping close to the warmth, a very successful evening for them.


Sunday, we were on the way to Sam's cousin to pick up a bed for Garion. The suv started over heating so we stopped at Sam's parent's house to check the coolant levels. We ended up spending about an hour there. During that time, Monster met their Kerry Blue Terrier, Erin. Erin is another alpha dog. Monster is not and the 2 of them got along very well, playing with eachother in the house.


Monday was Laney's birthday dinner, back at my in-laws' house. My parents, Sam's parents, Sam's sister, all 3 of my kids, Laney's fiancee, Sam & I were all there. And Monster, of course. He and Erin played, sniffed, layed under the table, ran the yard together, all without yip or snap one. Monster wore himself out again. While he would come when other people called him, sit and accept affection, he always came back to Logan, Sam or me, mostly me. Sam's mother told Sam, at one point in teh evening, that she was very glad that Monster made me the center of his attention.


Tuesday, Monster's service id arrived. He had to put his mark on it by trying to chew it. Silly puppy! We took him with us to a local coffee house, the owners of which are long time friends of ours. Once again, Monster was very well behaved, very quiet, and everyone was amazed that a dog so young could be so calm and well mannered.


He is learning to walk at my left side, with my rollator. When I walk with just the cane, he tends to try to walk directly in front of me. I have to keep telling him "left." With the rollator, his focus is different. He's still very much in the learning phase, but he is doing very well!! I haven't taken him into the office yet. I wanted to get him a little more aclamated to encountering strangers. He tends to growl a warning that I am his person. He has not snapped, and accepts new people giving him a pat on the back, once I tell him it is ok. But, I want to work with him a little more before bringing him into teh office.


He is doing a wonderful job. Though he is a little bit of a brat when we first get him into the car. Monster very easily climbs into his seat in back. But if he is teh only one back there, he wants to climb into teh front seat and sit on my lap. Right now, while he is only 24 pounds, that isn't too much of a problem. As he gets bigger, I don't think there will be space enough, so we encourage him to go back to the back seat and stop being "rude."


Garion came over yesterday to take the bed to his house. He spent quite a while with Monster, petting and playing. Monster loves the attention.


He doesn't walk as well on the lead when it is more than just the 2 of us. Sam came with us yesterday evening. I think he was confused by Sam's being there. Sam tends to walk faster than I do, and was a little bit ahead of me. Monster kept trying to figure out if he was supposed to stay with me, or walk with Sam. He got furstrated and started pulling on the lead a little bit. I stopped that right away and asked Sam to make sure he does not walk ahead of me because it confuses teh dog. We were doing better, the 3 of us, by the time we were headed back home, but I think they both need a little training in that area. It will come in time.


In time, the cats will also get used to having Monster in the house. Oni is already starting to sleep closer to him at night, on teh bed. They only the width of my foot apart last night. It's now only when Monster tries to get Oni to play that Oni hisses and slaps, but he isn't using his claws to slap Monster any more. Nicki is, at least, staying in the house more now. Cally has gotten to the touching noses stage, as long as Monster leaves her treats alone and doesn't try to get her to play. At 13, Cally doesn't play. It's progress.


Today, I am at the office and Logan is at home with Monster. I really didn't want to just leave him alone withthe cats while I went in to work today. Logan ended up sleeping through his alarm, and since he has been at school working on the performance that open tomorrow until 11 or 12 at night, I gave him a day off to relax. It worked out well that Monster won't be alone today. I was a little worried about how he would react to not having me in teh house. Logan says that he seems to be doing ok. I'm glad about that.


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