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Ran out of steam....R&R on Sat.



Friday wore us both out. I skipped William's regular Sat routine. It was just sleep and rest.

Sunday we head off to church at 7AM. As usual William is asking at 4AM is it time to get up? I want to go to church. I remind him like I do every Sunday morning. it is too early. I want to sleep until 6:30AM. But, he keep bugging me every hour until it is time to get up.

William loves to go to church on Sundays. I am very glad that I am not working as many Sundays anymore. I had read our Sunday school lesson Saturday night. William was able to to comprehend the lesson. For some reason..William does not like to read anymore. He just wants me to read to him. Admittedly I love to read and do it well. But, I try to encourage him to read some. He can read he just seems not to want to. I am not sure why. I will continue to have him read paragraphs. I will increase the reading until he reads more. I have noticed that he able to sing in church again. For months after the stroke he was not able to sing at all. Now, he can belt out the songs well. I do encourage him and sing with him. He is able to stand throughout the standing portions of service and walks with assistance into the chapel.

We had lunch at church and he loved the fellowship. He was ready for the pool. I had warned him during church that that is the plan. Pool after church. We had the pool pretty much to ourselves. We did well. William walked for 50 minutes. I wanted 60 minutes but he kept asking to leave.

I have started to use a plastic pull that I put around his weak left leg and I just give a light pull to help the leg and he walks forward. I have noticed a change. William used to walk sideways when walking forwards in the water. Now , he seems to walk straight forward. He weak leg just needs a little encouragement now. Much less than when i started. I noticed that when i walk him out of the pool. I can usually slip my foot under his heel and just help with a little lift. He needed alot more help before.

I must say that i am seeing improvement. But, it has been 2 years and 3 months. This is a long process. We must continually work at recovery. I am constantly harping at William...we need to go 5 days of the week. What a therapist I have become.

William asked me today if I had noticed any changes. He wants to hear that he is getting better. and i can honestly tell him that he is. It is just a slow process. Stroke survivors and caregivers are anomilies in this age of instant gratification. We are accustomed to slow but steady progress.



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Ruth: excellent workout. Bruce still lists to his strong side. I usually have knee to knee contact with the affected leg, but am going to try to leg pull. I am not signed off on it, but any one of the therapists will help me, I am sure.


I just posted on Bruce getting back into his strength in the literary world. He still reads everything, but the tough stuff often gives up. He has been working on the new Richard Russo for almost a year now. However, William's singing is such encouragement. He is finally comfortable with one of his old strengths.


I am proud of your support and encouragement. They so need that. I think they often feel it themselves, but are afraid to trust it. I, like you, just try to reinforce the positive, hoping it brings back the self confidence they so need. Debbie

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Ruth, Ray and I did water therapy for some time and it sure helped his walking. You and William are a good team now.


Ray sings in church too, not much volume but his lips move and he is definitely singing. I was much encouraged today when the nurse who runs Ray's Daycare said he did really well with their crossword puzzle today and she was really surprised.


I don't do intense therapy as you do but I do make sure Ray has some exercise every day and plenty to keep his brain working.



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Ruth, one thing I know, even if you have a stuttering speech you can always sing. That's amazing how it works, so I can just hear William belting out those songs in church plus he knows the songs well!


For me, I can't carry a tune in a brown bag! I just mumble along on the songs in church! It's good you had a chance to rest up! Maybe his desire to read more will come later. So much of what we know is told to us on TV news!


If you have closed caption on the TV turn it on see if he like to read along! That may spark more interest in him reading. Even reading post and comments on here may interest him some. :rolleyes:

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Ruth, You need to take time to rest. You have a full agenda with work, and Williams care. You and William are a great team.

When I read your blog and Sue blog as caregivers you both rate at the top of caregivers. Both of you are so attentive to your spouses. remembertolaugh,

Jeanniebean :cocktail:

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