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Knee update and New friend



Easter is a birthing time. I am blessed to be still hear.


Looking out in the yard, new blossoms on plants, the new


young birds on the bird feeders. And even those pesky squirrels out enjoying the beautiful day.





Update on my knees, I have finished with getting shots in the left knee. The left knee is feeling really great, no pain, no locking up after standing in the same spot for a long time. Next week I start on my right knee. I'm still taking pain meds. For it. Thursday can't get here soon enough.





I have a busy week coming up. Monday I have a doc appointment. for hearing test. Why you might ask? First it's been 40 years since I had a hearing test. Two, I notice when I am at the coffee shop I have trouble hearing people talking to me also with the back ground music. On top of it Carl keep asking me did I hear him. I hear him I'm just not sure I want to answer him. Lol Maybe people are talking softer then usual . Anyway I answered a survey and before I was finished the phone rang. The appoint. is with Miracle ear, and its in the morning. It's a good thing to get your hearing tested, It's free so why not.




I am having Yitis, not going to the Y today. Closes for Easter Sunday. I'll be getting up at the crack of dawn and


doing laps. I'm looking forward to seeing you.







At the end of the week I have to do a fast. Then drink a gallon of water with 'golightly'. Two days be for going in for a Colonascopy.


Thursday I have to drink the gallon, I have stroke club and Aphasia club to go to. But be back home by 4pm to


start dringing the gallon. I had to stop my Plavix 7 days earlier to reduce the risk of bleeding if I'm knicked.


Thanks all for reading my blog and your wonderful comments. Remembertolaugh, Jeanniebean




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Jeannie, enjoy Spring, the loveliness of nature, the sun shining through, the blossoming, the warmer weather. Get out and about as much as possible before the heat of summer comes.


I am glad the pain has gone from your left knee, it will make a big difference to how you feel about exercising and being active.


I am always glad when you write a blog entry...like a letter from a good friend.



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thanks for update on your life. I am glad no pain & enjoying wonderful spring. Post stroke I am able to enjoy nature with nore awareness & I am greatful for that.



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