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When the botox wears off



Well first I would like to thank everyone for your uplifting comments to my last blog/post. It really meant a lot to see you all celebrating with me over my small accomplishments. but now the celebration is over. Instead of 2 more weeks of physical therapy, I got 2 more sessions. I know I reached all of my goals in pt but I really can't tell. My main goals were to go up and down stairs without using the handrail, strengthen my leg and foot enough to wear sandals, and remember to swing my arm when walking without losing my balance. Well I still grab hold to the rail just out of habit when I take the stairs, I never got the chance to practice walking with sandals because I didn't have any to bring in that would fit my foot without falling off without the brace. My pt said I can still walk short distances wearing sandals without the brace but I don't want to chance it. I do have a better wrist support but since I can't see my left arm I always forget to swing it while walking. I just feel like I took a small step forward with therapy and a giant step back. I have home exercises but they are either too risky to do them by myself or just seem too pointless to make a difference.

I named this blog after the botox wears off because that's exactly how I feel. Everything is over. My wrist is so stiff now I can barely stretch it for exercises, no more therapy, and worst of all my progress is over. That is what happens when the botox wears off. My doc said it did help this time but the only way I can get more therapy is to either get more botox or wait until next year so he can send me somewhere else. I just don't want to get more botox because it is too painful. I asked about some of the technology I have heard about to help my left side but the doc said all of those only work for people who just had a stroke recently. I just feel like there is no hope for me. I didn't ask for this. Well my right arm is getting super tired and sore from typing so I will end this.


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Katrina, you know I'm with you in trying to recover. Therapy should be repeated at least twice a year if insurance will pay, that's what has worked for me from the time I got out the hospital in 2004.


Please don't give up your therapy at home or the clinic. I never could get botox, but I imagine it has to be repeated several times to be effective on that part of the body. It was too expensive for me like most of the gadgets that helps us walk, talk and feel less pains. Just my 2-cent worth!



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just because your therapy stopped does not mean you have stopped living. you can still try to achieve those goals inside your house. try going up & down without holding like baby one step at a time. for me taking food upstairs for my kido serves two goals, It allows me to show my love for my son & I also get therapy while doing the job I love. Don't feel discouraged because your therapy stopped since you can include those goals in your daily living & life will become more fruitful.




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Maybe reconsider renaming it "What Katrina usually accomplishes when her resilience and never ending spirit".

Babies don't learn to walk by hitting the ground running and neither do we. Just because you didn't accomplish your goal in a short frame of time doesn't mean all is lost. Practicing walking short distances at home with dad nearby to spot you, trying to break the habit of holding the rail, and really thinking about your arm to swing it are things you just still need to work on.

The botox only hurts that badly the first time because your muscles were so tight and had shrunk so badly. After the first it's a breeze and the results are much more dramatic. Don't quit now unless you want to go back to square one. Each time you get a series of injections it will help you pick up where you left off and you'll continue to make progress. By about the 3rd round I didn't even feel them anymore, I just can't look cause I'm too squeamish and chicken.

Don't you dare give up now or you'll make me come down there and drag you there myself.


Maria :mwah:

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I'm right there with you trying to get more therapy. Since I got home from the hospital in 2009 its struggle to get therapy each year, but please don't give up. I found these sandals online that are supposed to give you the strength of the shoe but the comfort of the sandal. I ordered a pair from once they come in I will try them out and let everyone know if they work. I have found since my stroke it you have to look harder but you can find things to help you feel more normal. Keep up the home exercises they do help in the long run even though you may not think so. If you stop using all the things you've gained with this therapy you will lose them and possibly go backwards more, as I did last year. Hang in there we are all in this together. Think positively it can help.



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Katrina, Peter Levine had a blog post I agree with, survivors equate therapists = recovery. This is not really true, Most of it is just nagging and telling you what muscles you need to fire. With your persistence and getting a good weightlifting book or anatomy book you can still accomplish a lot

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Hi Katrina,

I don't know where you are but if you're in the NY NJ area I hae news and maye somre free OT or you. Read my latest blog; its about a research study Im getting into that has a lot of promise in helping me recover my hand and arm They're not working on leg, gair, baance orstairds but I'd love to have my arm an hand back immediatly. there are no drugs, pills injections or anything like that. Its free and the need stroke surviving participants. I'm waiting desperately for them to email me ad tell ,e whwn I can start. I really think it can help me. and possiblry many others. they're using technology to help us with out arms and hands and its totally free for participants. You only have to figure out how to get yourself to the csmpus; which I know isn't always a small or easy thing but if it csan be done I really think this project will be worthit So read m lastest blog for more details and let me know if you're interested. And that goes to anybody who is still working on recovering their arm or hand who is reading this. If you can get here, yo;'re welcome too :o) The mAIN ARM OF THE STUDY IS TAKING CHRONIC STROKEE'S SO YOUR STROKE DOENT HAVE TO BE RECENT AT ALL. mINE WAS 1 YEAR AAGO AND i'LL GET IN AFTER MY EVAL WITH THEIR pt.tHEY HAVE A HUY IMN IT THAT STROKED 10 YEARS AGO AND HE GOT DOME AMAZING RECOVERY AFTER 2 WEEKS! I'm vey excited about this project and I believe it will help me and may hlp many f you too :o) So pleasae read the blog and let me know :o) Katrina, keep fighting. Don't ever give up. Wgen I read about you lifting the laudry basket I alost cried with joy. I kep thinking yup, someday that wll be me too I'm just going to keep at it :o)

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