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I hate insurance



First I want to thank everyone for the congratulations on picking up the marble.


Now I need to vent a little. :notfair: The Insurance only gave me seven sessions with the OT but they did give me 12 sessions with the PT. Just tell me how much can you really accomplish in only seven sessions and two of them were the evaluation sessions. So I don't think I will get a whole lot out of the OT this time around but I'll see what I can do, anything is better than nothing I guess. When I was talking to the physical therapist and she told me that I got 12 sessions with her she laughingly said I guess I must've filled out the forms better than OT did since I got the full 12 I ask for. I really like her name is Jen and in three sessions she has figured out that both my hips are weak not just the left one. That explains some of my balance issues and walking issues. Now that she knows what it is she is going to work on trying to fix it and give me a home program to continue after our 12 sessions have ended. She is also going to look at maybe doing some therapy in the pool. The OT did come up with a stretch for my shoulder that really felt good, so on the 16th of this month when my husband takes me to therapy(he has to take a half a day off work) they're going to show him how to do it.


The OT was telling me today about an invention that someone came up with to help zip up a jacket with only one hand. :secret: She said you take two alligator clips(there used in electrical) and hook them together with about a four-inch piece of cord. Then you clamp one of the alligator clips to the bottom of the jacket on the side that needs to be held. And keeping the chord pulled tight you clip the other alligator clip to your pants. Now the side of the zipper is held in place and you can use your one working hand to zip up the jacket. Hopefully this weekend my husband will be able to put this new little invention together for me and I can try it out. I'll let everyone know how it works once I have it. So I guess if I get nothing else out of OT, I now can zipper jacket one handed, provided this little invention works.



The sun was out today and it was gorgeous. :Clap-Hands: I'm wearing shorts at eight o'clock at night and very comfortable. Ate my lunch on the back porch today and hopefully will get to do so again tomorrow. The only issue might be some thunderstorms that are due in sometime tomorrow. They're saying the temperature could make it into the 80s tomorrow. My lilacs are all in bloom, the daffodils are all blooming as well as the tulips it smelled so nice around my yard. Bye for now, thanks for listening to me vent. Sometimes you just need to get it all out and not keep the aggravation inside.


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Thank you for the zipper suggestion and yes, please do let us know. I would love to try that with Bruce come fall and he is back in his hooded sweatshirt.


Suggestion: tell OT that PT is putting you in the pool. there are exercises you can do there also for your arm. Since I have to go into the pool with Bruce anyway or a caregiver, we were taught by OT what to do for the arm as part of his work out.


However, our Robin can now grasp the dumbbells to work his arm-hand in the pool himself. And keep in mind, if you are in a therapeutic pool at your Rehab, there will always be someone there to help you with equipment. Also at our pool there are arm-hand exercises on charts that you just work off of yourself.


This may be a great positive from both standpoints for you.


Insurance, well vent away. Some challenges work, some not. The longer you are post-stroke, the less likely a challenge will work. Robin says he works with his Mother's old fashion clip clothespins at home. Uses good hand to secure pin in weak hand and just opens and closes pin. Then attaches it to a piece of cloth and after he places five or so, works to remove then. Like he was hanging clothes on a clothesline and removing them.


You are right, take all they will give you and make the best of it. You are to be commended for trying and willing to recover. Debbie

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I hate the fact that resources in the health system are so unevenly spread and each survivor does not simply get the care they need to recover. What a waste of people's potential it seems to me.


Thank you for the tip on zipping up a jacket, I hope someone reading your blog benefits from that.



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