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insanity is hereditary you get it from your kids.



after 3 days of grandkids i was looking forward to some peace;always an optimist,silly me. just when grandkids were going home, youngest son stops by.

tells me things weren't going well at work. ask why , tells me he won't tell me because it will only upset me and i don't need the stress. doesn't he know by now the number of scenarios my mind can go through in less than a minute? had girls night out and couldn't relax. today he stops and tells me things are a little better. asked him what was going on. he's been doing construction work at a hospital.;working hydraulic drill. buddy asks him if what was leaking was deisel or hydraulic fluid. son looks and says no- it's blood! this stuff has been splashing him in face mouth etc for 2 weeks!.all heck now breaks out. hospital says it was just the drain from the janitor drains. bull. turns out it was drain from surgery rooms.son, a marine iraqi vet, doesn't hold back if he has something to say; esp. if he's in the right. finally they gave workers the hazmat suits they should have had at the begining. goes for his blood work end of job(routine).should be fine because marines gave him practically every vaccine known to man before going overseas. thankfully he had his union behind him when he told the guys in their khakai pants that it was too bad about their millions but this was their lives at risk and they were bringing this home to families in their clothes and boots. also told them that they were probably wearing the same boots they bought 3 yrs. ago still shiny because they aren't in the field but in an office.he had a lot more to say as you can imagine(think drill sgt.)

(unbelievable) next day they (must have been hospital )covered end of drain with sock and duc tape! you can use duc tape to fix a lot of things but not this




!today it was capped properly and work resumed. he thinks it will end next fri. nerves are starting to calm down. sorry for thewhoosh.gifwhoosh.gif but wanted to vent. i love you guys for always being here. blessings lynn

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Wow, that is so negligent, just imagine if it had resulted in some catastrophic infection! Not good!


My dad was a Union rep and got so close to the truth sometimes (also think drill sgt) and in the end his bosses just agreed to his wants without the three days of strike action. Fixing the problem mostly cost less than the lost hours.



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