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I have a headache



This has been a horrible day. Started out OK but then went down the toilet pretty quickly.


I slept in today, woke up at 7:30am and just flat out didn't want to get out of bed to face the day. I finally prodded myself out of bed at 8:30am. I sat down at the computer to pay some bills and do some filing. Instead I found other things that just had to be done before bills. Silly things like defragging my hard drive, cleaning out email, forwarding stupid jokes. I'm sure that you get the idea.


Dan is going to be discharged from the hospital any day now. I had planned on him going back to the rehab facility he was in prior to this hospitalization. Monday I found out that they won't take him back because he had VRE (had being a key word here) bacteria; even though it's gone. So I talked to the DON, the hospital, anyone who would listen. Finally the DON said that she would review his charts.


Because I am a planner, on Tuesday I started looking at alternate facilities. I absolutely hate, hate, hate, doing this. How do you tell if a facility is good enough for someone you love? There is no real way to do it. No matter how many times you walk thru the doors or go on tours or just drop by at dinnertime or bedtime, you never know. Around here they always tell you to go to medicare.gov, review the rankings, base your opinion on the rankings. What a joke that is! A facility that had a 5 star rating is the one that didn't monitor his fluid intake or output and his kidneys almost failed.


Fast forward back to today...around 9:30am my fun day really got started. The hospital called and said that the facility has, again, refused to take Dan back. Regardless of the fact that he had this bacteria in their facility for three weeks before he went to the hospital. He also said that the Indy Rehab hospital won't take him because he refused rehab yesterday. Oh, did I ever cry. I cried all the way to the hospital, thought it was out of my system when I got to Dan's room.


I jumped on the nurse as soon as I got in his room because there was nothing reachable for him to drink. I asked for a current list of his meds and started questioning her like the 3rd degree. I "discussed" refusing rehab with Dan and the fact that the facility won't take him back. Then I cried again. The docs came in to discuss his meds with me and I cried yet again. The liaison for the rehab hospital came and and they haven't refused him, at least not yet. He did participate in rehab yesterday, he just couldn't tolerate much because his belly hurt where they just put the feeding tube and his incision from the ileostomy. I felt bad because I kinda, well not really kinda, lectured him yet again on the benefits of rehab. One of which is coming home. Then I...guess what...cried again.


Then the social worker came into the room. I assume that the nurse, the docs, and anyone else who happened by and saw me bawling told her that there was a crazy woman in room 6093 that has been crying off and on for about 3 hours. I left soon after that. I decided that I wasn't helping Dan or myself. Now my eyes are swollen because of crying so much and I have a headache.


So, I sat down at the computer to pay some bills and do some filing. Again, I found other things that just had to be done before bills. Like logging onto StrokeNet and reading blogs. The news is on and I'm very sure that finding out about Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child is much more important than paying bills. I think I'll watch the news. The mortgage payment can wait...I hope.


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MaryJo, you are in good company here. We all have crying days. If it is a good day try and walk it off. I find exhaustion helps...lol.


Procrastination, putting off paying bills etc, is okay for a while but if it means they add a penalty for late payment, not so good. I have trouble paying bills on time, always have so I am speaking from personal experience here. A $15 penalty for late payment...ouch!


I think you are all suffering from seasonal changes or rain depression, a week of rain will send me into crying frenzy regardless of circumstances. And too many changes and too much mental strain will do the same. Hang in there, it will come good again.



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MaryJo: so sorry. As Sue suggests, maybe it is yet another change. We caregivers do not suffer change gladly. New routine, new facility, new fights to get everything straightened out. Its a "B". Also, you are just plain tired. Regardless of the amount of sleep you get, the mental stress and constant having to be on your toes just wears you down and then finally out. We fall into a comfortable, consistant routine and then BAM, right smack in the nose!


Tip about VRE. VRE is forever. It sleeps, and when it decides to, wakes up and causes trouble. Enterococi bacteria live and work in the intestines and colon. We can not digest food without them. Problem is the bad guys hide amoung the good guys. Sometimes the shark go away, sometimes not. That is the problem for facilities. Dan requires a roommate also with VRE or a private room. 95% of all VRE is facility=acquired. They are finding some now that has been passed in the community. Sure, Mother Nature is no dummy. You sent someone home with it, at some point it will be passed to someone else in the community. First community-acquired VRE was traced to a playground-go figure. If you want him back at the same facility, use this knowledge to your advantage. Yes, we are willing to wait for a private room or an empty bed with someone who already has the VRE.


When I was in Nursing School-18 years ago, this was major, along with MRSA. No one took these patients! Major problems for the SNFs. But since they are mostly facility (in those days that meant hospital) acquired, lots of money went into supplementing transfers to SNFs (mainly Insurance money-who wants to pay $3000 a day for someone who, with a private room can cost $350 a day). Nursing education responded and so did the SNFs who need beds filled. This will work out. Just keep your foot down, keep reminding Administrators that he probably got it there, and you will certainly understand that they may need some adjustments to accomodate him and you are willing to work with them to do so. Best, Debbie

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That sounds like a day I have sometimes! Makes me glad I'm retired, got my scooter and can drive. That way when the feeling hit me I go or stay in the bed! :big_grin:

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