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Car-ride Conversation



Sam and I went over to friends' house last night. We had a good time, chatting and playing cards. It was nice to get out. On the way home, I was sort of babbling about things I have read on this site, and things said in the afternoon chat.


Sam and I usually don't talk about anything stroke related, unless we have to. I mentioned my post about feeling a little overwhelmed and that as if the fact that I had a stroke is always "right in my face." GOing on, I whistfully sighed and told Sam I feel like I would love to have just 1 day where the fact that I had a stroke didn't intrude on my life - just 1 day.


The whole time, Sam drove quietly, letting me get everything out, then, when I was done, all he said was "I understand." So I asked Sam, "how come it is that you and I never discuss life after stroke?"


"Well, baby, I just thought it might be good for you to have 1 person to talk to who didn't bring up the fact that you had a stroke."


I was stunned. It never dawned on me that Sam might be doing that. Sometimes, I have felt as if Sam is just like everyone else - in denial of the fact, because I don't really have any "visable" deficits. I never thought to think that he would be trying to give me a little "normalcy" by not discussing the 60-ton gorilla in the room. After all, we both know it's there. He still has to catch me from time to time, or I will fall over. I still get exhausted very easily and I still use the wrong words for things. He lives with it every day of our life, just like I do. I never thought to suppose that he was trying to make life as much the way as it used to be - minus the chaos of 3 teen-agers and various friends, as he could for me. That is so sweet!!!!!!!!!


I didn't know how to process that last night, so I just thanked Sam and told him I love him. I had to sleep on that one to really understand it. This morning, it is so much more meeningful to me. What a wonderful thing Sam has been trying to give me, that little place of "refuge," so to speak, from having had a stroke, 1 place, 1 person, where I'm not reminded, all of the time, that I had a stroke.


That man can be so amazingly wonderful some times!


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That's a beautiful thing. I totally get the annoyance of stroke saturating every aspect of our lives. I'm there too and I hate it but Im still physically impaired so its constantly reminding me... Every time I try to do something and can't... it's there but some day ... someday it wont be... and I can't wait for it. Thanks for sharing. That was a really wonderful thing Sam has done. Just wonderful :o)

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wow that is so sweet. during your bad day just remember this that even though lot of things are not right in your life, but giving you this wonderful hubby in your life's journey is best thing god has done for you.



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