Stroke Survivor and Stroke Caregiver Community

Topics that affect both stroke survivor and stroke caregivers.


  1. Members Meeting Members

    Use this forum to explore and plan city, state or regional gatherings with other StrokeNet members.

  2. Blog Community Forum

    Top blogs will be posted here by the Blog Community Moderator. Also find a tutorial and ideas for starting a blog here. 'Blog talk' for community members is also welcome and find topics about our site's book club posted here.

  3. Chat Announcements

    When is Chat scheduled?  Who is Hosting?  Where is Chat Room? 

  4. Community Discussions

    Meaningful discussions from stroke survivors and stroke caregivers about broad stroke-related topics. Things like acceptance issues, SSDI, celebrity stroke survivors, stroke issues and stroke stories in the media, etc. (NOTE: For insurance and health care system topics, please use the 'Health Care Issues and Concerns' forum below.)

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  6. Medical Equipment and Disability Aids

    Tell other members what type of equipment and disability aids you are using or looking for including where you purchased (if you did) and for what price? Forum includes topics on making homes more accessible.

  7. Disability Hobbies and Sports

    Use this forum to post about hobbies and sports that can be done one-handed or from a wheelchair. If you've found a way to adapt a pre-stroke hobby or sport to your post-stroke life, share it here. If you are looking for ways to adapt a hobby or sport to fit your disability post it here. Maybe someone can help.

  8. Off-Topic Discussions

    Anything goes in this forum, except stroke related topics: hobbies, sports, current events, etc., etc. If it doesn't fit in the other forums, it probably belongs here. Post local 'meet-ups' here.

  9. Relationships

    This caregiver/survivor forum can include topics about sex, about how your spouse is treating you since the stroke, or you can talk to someone from the opposite sex to get a perspective on your situation. This forum also includes topics about changing relationships with friends or extended family due to the stroke.

    Please, be respective about these sensitive topics.

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