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hello, my name is Pam i am 43 years old and had a stroke 3 years ago after 15 years of abusing cocaine, i went to visit my mom looking for a new place to live to get away from my old friends... the day i went to my mothers house the migraine hit- i had never had one before and had no idea what was going on. the headache was there for two weeks before i stroked out. in the preceeding two weks ihad gone to the doctor once and the energency room twice where thery asked me where it hurt, gave me a painkiller that didn't work, aqnd sent me home., but noooooooooooooooooo i'm not bitter!! i did get away from my old habits and friends though!!!! my whole left side was paralyzed, i couldn't swallow and i almost went completely blind before the downhill slide slacked up. i can walk quite well now, left hand does better on big thjings than small stuff, but it works. i still have trouble swallowing, my vision is pretty horrible, and i do not like the way i talk. my mother calls me her miracle child!! I was unemployed and rel poor at the time of the stroke so i had to go on county public assistance, the doctors they sent me to were 3rd or 4th year med students who overrall know nothing about strokes, but thanks to determination and prayers and a mother who wouldn't give up, her i am a 2nd semester college student at our local community college, hoping to graduate in a year or year and 1/2..... Life is hard, but life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pam,<br />what is your screen name have not seen any posts or you in chat rooms or do you wsmt to remain incognito?<br />hostkevin

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