Julie Burdyshaw


This is my second surgery on my ArterioVenous Malformation. (2004)


21 years ago, I had 3 strokes and a bleed from this AVM, WHILE I WAS PREGNANT with my oldest daughter. Cleveland Clinic did a resection as far as they could go, and I had a difficult recovery. For the next 20 years, I lived my life as "free" from the AVM. In April, I had a MRI done for an epilepsy check, they said "You have an AVM." I laughed and said, "no, that is just where it was. Well, the look on his face told me exactly what I was in for... I will find out in December if the AVM has shrunk. Oh, by the way, the beautiful girl in the picture is Jamie. She survived and today, she saves people's lives as a Para Medic!!!

GOD surely DOES exist, and there are times when it seems he is sitting right next to me!

Julie Burdyshaw, OHIO

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