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My name is Lynda and my right basal ganglia stroke happened on 5-11-14 (Happy Mother's Day to me) leaving me totally paralyzed on the left side. It never even occurred to me that was what had happened - I remember trying to get out of bed in the morning and landing on the floor with what I assumed was a twisted ankle. I remember telling my dad later that I felt as though I was in a bad "Life Alert" commercial. Since it was my son's weekend at his dad's house I laid on the floor all day until his dad brought him home because I hadn't picked him up as usual and I hadn't answered the phone. He asked me if I wanted him to call 911 and I told him no - I'd just twisted my ankle. Fortunately he ignored me and called. When the paramedics got there they started talking about implementing the stroke protocol and doing a CT scan to confirm it. I remember joking with the paramedics in the ambulance but I don't remember arriving in the emergency room or the CT scan. The next thing I remember is my dad's girlfriend and her sister talking to me and telling me that my dad was on his way. When my dad arrived he wanted to call work and tell them where I was and I remember giving him the phone numbers and telling him that it was Sunday and nobody would be there. He informed me it was Monday. Work already knew where I was because when I didn't show up for work on Monday they tried calling me and when no one answered they went to my house to see what was going on and when no one answered the door they called the hospital to see if I was there. I was in the hospital for three or four days before I was released to a rehab facility. I spent about a week there (at 45 I was the youngest person there) and my days were filled with therapy - I was walking with a hemi walker when I left because my insurance didn't want to pay for anymore time at the rehab facility and wanted to move me to a nursing home. Fortunately, my dad offered to pay for home health care so I could go home. I did home therapy for about a month and then started outpatient therapy where I expect to spend quite a few more months doing occupational therapy in hopes of getting my left arm and hand working again. I've been discharged from physical therapy since I now walk unassisted (but with a slight limp) and soon expect to be done with speech therapy. Best of all I'm going to be doing driving rehab soon so I can drive again!!

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