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It depends Mark, if the shoulder fully dislocates it hurts like hell, but at this stage at just aches a bit if ignored, and because the joint is loose you have less range of motion and strength. Also things can get caught in the gap and compressed (e.g. nerves and muscle tissue) which damages them (bruises) and then that hurts too.  If you do nothing the weight of the arm will pull the gap wider and overstetch the muscles that should be holding it together and helping you to move your arm.

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At the moment the shoulder is the least of my physical problems!!


I cannot believe that more shoulder, which is painful a lot of the time, is not top of the list!!


Been having a lot of trouble with my back and hips.


Apparently my hips are bad due to the back pain.


Everything seems to happen as a reaction to one thing. 


My neck is sore quite often, as it tenses up to help the shoulder stay put.


It's very hard to exercise all parts of the body at the same time.


Because of fatigue, I can't give each problem the time it deserves. 


So everything get minimal work, or I pick a problem area over another and it gets my full attention. 


At the moment it's my back that's winning. 


And my shoulder is a sore loser! 🤣



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That does seem to be how it works. It's why I see the Neuro physio for a work over once a month. And boy do I recognise that tense neck. It also gets into the muscles around your lower rib cage that are also working harder to stabilise you when walking, that's were most of my hip pain originates.


Yin yoga is a great help with the neck, back and hip pain. unlike Hatha yoga that everyone knows it is a release style rather than active, long slow poses, so using blocks, bolsters, straps and whatever else helps to get into a position where gravity works with you and the muscles and joints "relax"as you breath through the sensations it brings up, it can be pretty intense sometimes but I find it a great help.


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Makes sense about the hip pain, Heather. 


Sometimes I do wonder why my hip hurts so much, but having to work hard to walk...yep. Of course everything is going to hurt.



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Yes when the "best" muscles for a job aren't fully functional all their friends try to help, and then they exhaust themselves, and you end up aching "all over" from a "simple little walk".

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Well after a very quiet Christmas and new year, it's back to the shoulder being number 1!!


I don't think it ever gets easier. 



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It doesn't really get easier but you do get better at managing it and recognising when something needs to go back to top of the list.  Live and learn does apply to this stuff. I think I'm better at remembering what helped last time and adding it back into the routine, at least for the length of the current "crisis".


Hang in there

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