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In March 1990 I had two strokes. They happened on the same day, and on the same side of my body. The first stroke hit about 1.15am. I went by ambulance to our hospital about 25 miles away and went straight to the emergency ward where I laid on a bed for about six hours before being sent to a ward with an empty bed. About 30 minutes later the second stroke hit, and it was a dandy! The whole right side of my body was completely dead. I wasn't very happy with my situation, nor do I remember much about those first two or three days.


A very pleasant physiotherapist evaluated my chances of recovery. I made the grade and was transferred to the Rehab ward for rehabilitation treatment. After forty days in the hospital I was discharged, being able to walk and talk well enough to go home where I worked hard at further improvement. Within four months my wife Dottie and I were on our way to a three-week stay in Ireland! And it was great therapy! Everywhere you go in Ireland you are either going up or down steps! It was excellent exercise and very helpful.


I was fortunate to make a very good recovery. It has been so successful most people cannot tell which side of my body was affected. Twelve years later, except for the fact I have limited daily energy, I'm very happy with my lot. I had a pacemaker implant in March 1993 and since then my condition is very stable. There is much more I can tell you about my self-invented exercises and encounters but I'll save that for another time!


As a result of all this I have visited stroke patients at my hospital every week for the past eleven years. Our stroke recovery group has grown as a result of my contacts. In 1990 there were about twelve "strokers," now there are over twenty-five! I am a very fortunate person!

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John-- We congratulate you on your recovery. I hope that everyone appreciates the good work that you are doing to support other stroke victims. Lack of support and education will hinder a stroke victim's recovery. Way to go!


Billy & Paula

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