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June 2, 2001. I was a Pharmacist employed by CVS in the downtown Ephrata store. I have been in this field for over 40 years, and this pharmacy for about 20 years and love my work. The hours can be long and hectic as any healthcare providers can be. On June 2, 2001, after working a particularly long stretch I had a day off and my wife, Connie, and I went to a local nursery to buy some flowers for the yard and pond since it was spring and we love working around the yard. Connie was doing the picking and I was pushing our cart when all of a sudden I couldn

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Guest Hunter


Hi, Joe:


I am curious about the extension you said you had to your original stroke. I, too, was making great gains and was practicing walking without a cane and was returning to work when about 5 months after my h. stroke I couldn't get out of bed. A cat was done but there was no sign of additional damage. It just seemed like I had had a second wave of my own personal tsunami. It's now 2 days short of my 1st year anniversary and I have not given up, still do three sessions a week rehab, but am now more realistic. I would like to know more about your second visitation, if you would take a moment to discuss it.


I seem quite sensitive to coolish temps, causing my arm and leg to stiffen up. Is this something you have also experienced?


Best wishes from Tokyo,



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