Dave Hinds


My name is Dave Hinds. I'm a 50-year-old man. I have been married for 28 great years to the love of my life, Nancy, and looking forward to the next 28.


I had a major stroke in November 2000 that nearly took my life. It was a major bleed in the brain. I was in a coma on and off, for about two weeks. It was inoperable and the only thing they could do was to put a tube from my brain to my stomach so that if it ever happened again, the fluid buildup in my brain would enter the tube, pass through my stomach, and dissipate.


The support and loving care I received, and still receive, from my wife, Nancy, Kyle, my nephew, and others, made all the difference to my physical and mental challenges. Thank god I have all of my cognitive skills intact, and I feel great but for the spasticity affecting my left arm and leg.


I can't begin to explain how important a good support team is. I have the best in my wife, Nancy, and in my friends in the Worldwide Dreambuilders business management group. This team has helped my wife and I continue in our pursuit of our dreams and goals for our lives and nothing puts a smile on my face, and a fire under my feet like a dream.


Nancy and my WWDB friends taught me that God never gives you more than you can bear and a winner is one that may fall a thousand times but always gets back up and keeps moving toward that goal and that dream.


Thank you again, Nancy, for sticking by me through the peaks and valleys. I couldn't possibly love you more. And thank you Marshall and all my upline and downline for the example of excellence you set and walk and for allowing me to walk with you.




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