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I am 54, and formerly a small business owner and golfing nut. In Feb. 2001 it happened, the bolt struck. One day I am working (my 18 hour days--6-7 week), trying to keep all of my six employees in a job. I went to bed after having a little dizziness (blood pressure I thought). I woke up at 6:00 am, time to go to work, right. I can not move. I had no pain during night. I had no time to adjust to inactivity. I had many business and golfing friends at the time. Many stopped by the hospital during the next few weeks. I was at a rehab center for a few months.


Time goes by and so does the fast paced lifestyle. I used to boast that I was the best (fat man) on any given golf course ha! ha! Went from being 10 handicap to not even being able to pick up a club. I had to sell my business or lose it. I was too tired to run it. But the best news, is that it gave me time to stop and accept the LORD. Now I have time to make myself stronger in the savior (wouldn't trade places for any business or golfing award).


I was told later how near to death I was. I had a massive left hemisphere stroke and had paralysis on right side, arm, leg, trunk and all. I had double vision and couldn't talk at first. The vision problem cleared up in a few days and thanks to a wonderful lady in speech therapy my speech has improved. I have problems still -- what I call a cloudy mind, and I substitute a lot of words. My despair has decreased. I also have limited walking with a cane. I kept moving my arm and hand even if there seemed to be no improvement. I kept at it and after a year of no obvious improvement, all movements have returned. Unfortunately, I still have spasticity in my leg, trunk, arm, and hand. I was able to get on the riding mower and cut my yard last week.


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Hi Dale: I was like you--my stroke came out of nowhere. At age 69, I was still working, planning on retiring in 5 years. I live in NYC, and one morning on the way to work, I started to feel dizzy and off-balance, but I shrugged it off as a cold or flu. At lunchtime I asked my boss if I could leave for the day, because I was having trouble writing--a serious symptom for an editor! In the early evening, I took a nap, and when I got up I found that I couldn't walk--my right leg kept collapsing! Somehow, I managed to call 911 and make it out to the front door to meet the paramedics. God wasn't ready to give up on me.

Two+ yrs. later I'm working hard on my walking, with a bright future ahead. All the best, Henry

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