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Vacation Time Is Nearly Here For US To See Vegas Again!



Well every true worker needs to take a vacation every year and see things and places they haven't seen in a long while! Of course the worker is my wife so I'm going to help her bring back the money she plans on bringing back from the casinos there! I usually leave all my quarters I bring with me plus a few I didn't plan on leaving with them.. But that's my luck and it's the fun of hitting a few jackpots on the quarter machines I love to play! By me being on my scooter I tend to get around to all of them and soon know which ones to play that gives me the greatest chance to pocket some cash!


My wife plays the penny machines and usually does pretty good in a days run but with so many casinos on the strip and in the downtown areas sooner or later it's your time to win a little money!! Another thing I do a lot of is wait while a person plays a machine for a long time then when they leave I go to that machine and usually hit a big payout if not a jackpot payout!!


That reminds me of a joke I read about the mouse in heaven being on wheels! The big cats were glad to see them passing by on a skateboard so they called them "meals on wheels." So the Fat Cats ate good in heaven all day and night too!! So I let the fat cats put the dollars in the machine then I go behind them and usually will get out much more than I put in the quarter machines! It seems to me after awhile you can get a feel for which machine is about ready to pay out!! On the other hand perhaps it's just my luck!!


This year we will fly instead of driving that far with gas prices like they are now and will go higher later this month!! I'm looking forward to a great vacation this year to celebrate our 16 years of blissful marriage plus both of our birthdays in July!! We got married in Reno Nevada on the 9th of June 16 years ago but we drove there to bowl and back to Kansas to bowl in a bowling tournament before coming back home to my Pro Shop business!!!


My bowling days are long gone now so it will be all casinos this time around as we are not much on seeing the shows on the strip, but we love to eat in some of the big places with big, big dinning rooms!! Then we are ready to walk the strip when the sun is down and look in the shop windows and see things we would love to have but not at their prices they are showing!! This time around we will rent a scooter for me which is the going thing to do now with all the wounded veterans on vacations everywhere!!


So we are both expecting to enjoy ourselves and have a great vacation for the first time in a very long time!! Otherwise all of our prior travel by car has been to New Orleans to visit her family members. Her baby sister and her husband is suppose to meet us there in Vegas. I think we all arrive about the same time and staying at the same hotel on the strip far as I know! I'm sure we will grab a taxi at times to see other places if they decide to change venues!!


I can't even tell you when we are leaving and she told me a thousand time already but I do think it's sometimes this month of July!!! My little brain just doesn't hold dates and that much information anymore. Probably why she doesn't want me driving that far since she hates driving herself so I got no help with all those miles!!


Plus in the evening while I'm driving she stars yawning when we pass a motel. Then if we stop to get some rest for the night she turn the TV on and stay up watching the TV instead of going to sleep!! I can't sleep because the TV is blasting!!! Then she wants to get an early start the next morning at sunrise!!! So I'm glad we are flying this time around and renting a scooter for me when we get there. I think the scooter will be rented at our hotel for my use!! Hope I have a bit of luck this time around on the machines!!


It would really be nice if I could put a dollar in one of those special machines and hit a fortune like I read about sometimes!! In fact a guy did that recently at the airport when he arrived in Vegas!!! I'll have to give it a try, it just may be my time to win really, really big money!!!


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you have a great vacation fred but just remember that the house usually wins so hold on tight to your money but not your fun fred you have earnedit be well my friend and go boston

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Oh Fred - sounds wonderful. And really I am relieved that you will not be driving. Bet there is room in a suitcase for your friend Debbie - LOL.


Funny about Reno, because I took Bruce there few years before stroke and his CA friends met us there and it was the bowling tournament - the big one they have every year - LOL. What fun we had with so many of them. They are not gamblers, but sure do love to party - LOL.


Safe trip and blog when you get back. Luck to wife! And I hope you stay cool. Debbie

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Have a wonderful trip Fred. Hope your luck is in and you or your wife hit big! Never been to vegas it is on my bucket list!


Be safe, post when you get back.



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