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  1. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂 See you soon!
  2. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂 See you soon!
  3. Hello everyone I just wanted to invite everyone to come and join in at Room #2 Stroke Survivior Chat. I will be hosting Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-4 EST! 🙂 See you soon!
  4. HostTracy

    Again, at least we are in good company! Not that I want anyone to have any crazy in them... I do feel less alone. 🙂
  5. HostTracy

    Will I am glad to be in good company! Your post reminds me of my Bella (my other kitty) who really enjoys to to touch my feet when i am in my recliner with her cold nose ever so gently...pretty much any time she comes near (It absolutely drives me insane!) LOL
  6. Yes it is!! Thankfully, I did get settled down and slept for a bit. I had my therapy today (good timing) and then my PT this afternoon. My anxiety is much calmer now and I hope my brain wants to sleep early tonight (crossing my fingers).
  7. HostTracy

    So true Heather. I am happy that my daughter and I can come with a comical little skit just for our enjoyment (never want to take away the seriousness but you are right we have to laugh at times it is great medicine). I understand about the vaccine stuff. I think it is a little less of an issue here since we above the equater will get flu vacs usually Sept and Oct so still some time for more covid vacs. There is still the issue of some that just refuse to get it (I think they probably stear clear of the flu one too). I'm just going to do my part and hope my little bit helps the world to reach
  8. HostTracy

    Janelle I just realized you have added something I said as a quote to each of your posts. That just warms my heart. 💗 I'm glad you enjoy enough to share my thought. ((Hugs))
  9. HostTracy

    That is very interesting Heather. I will have to look that book up! Deigh I am often questioning my own senses i.e. smell. I can promise you that when I walk into my stepmoms Den I smell moth balls. She is adament that there are none. I however can smell them every time. Wow, thinking about it this kind of thing happens all the time. I suppose I don't think about how much. One register where my air comes out smells odd to me every time it blows. I catch myself removing it and looking down into the duct or around the area on the floor just to find nothing. No one else smells it except me. I hav
  10. Heather I am filled with that same knowledge and determination. My Psychiatrist says 100% I will not be able to work in the regular workforce again. I know he will do his part and make it clear. Never sounds so permanent but for me and my ability to control my anxiety (which could lead to another stroke) it is important. There are things I want to be able to do to supplement my disability income and my therapist and myself work on this topic. I have no idea why i feel i have to explain myself. The thought of going back into the work force terrifies me. I can feel my chest get heavy just thinki
  11. HostTracy

    Ha ha Kelli you and me both! The other day at PT I bent down to tie my shoe and as I came up my body kept going I almost did a back bend which would have ended with a splat on the floor. Thankfully my PT was close by and he reached out and said "Just where are you going?" . Needless to say sitting in a chair for a few was amust. I am so thankful I have had many stumbles that didn't end in a fall but one could take me as befuttled, boozed up, canned, feeling no pain, flying, hammered, lit up, Mel Gibsoned, plastered, polluted, sauced, shnockered, sloshed, tanked, three sheets to the wind, wanke
  12. HostTracy

    This may sound not humerous but it reminds me of a conversation my daughter and I had today. You know this (this covid thing) is going to be in our history books. Students are going to read "In the 20's (being 2000's...2020...2021...etc) people wore masks and stayed 6 feet apart, they enclosed their cashiers in plexiglass, everyone ordered their groceries and had them delivered to their porch, there were direction stickers on the floor of the isles to remind everyone which way to move in order to maintain social distancing, Seattle was otherworldly and seemed armageddon was certain, chaos was
  13. HostTracy

    I wish I had good advice for this question. Balance for me is an every day issue due to where in my brain the stroke was (cerebellum). I could tell you some doozies of falling stories. Many of which I can look back now and see the humor in them because i didn't get hurt (except for my pride and anxiety) that were anything but funny when it happened. I took a lot of PT for balance. Months. I suppose some things I can think of is clear your space/path in your home and remove any tripping hazards i.e. area rugs, floor decor, cat toys (or any toys ), just stuff that might jump out at you. Get up s
  14. I was just remembering today that this December will be my 3rd year mark for disability and i'll have to a reassessment process. This makes my anxiety go way up just thinking about it. Yep they make it as hard as they can here. I ruminate that I will lose my disability and it will be a domino that topples all i have over. My worry about it is ridiculous (but after my 3 years of trying to win my case...yep i'm freaked out by it). Ok moving on to another topic the inner Tracy is freaking out!
  15. HostTracy

    Oh wow! YES YES YES!!!!! I have overstimulated senses...all of them. Like I smell smells that no one else smells. A lot. Also, good smells like air freshener things for your car (I always used to like them) usually seem soooooo over smelly that i have to take it out. I just gave Hailey a whole package of like 10 because I couldn't take the smell. My Doctor and I have agreed that neither of us is sure that i smell an actual smell some times or if it is a hallucination.🥴 (I sometimes do get hallucinations) My hearing kinda is crazy too and I bet lots of others probably experience this too. I hav