How Fast Do the Affects Happen

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When a stroke happens, how long does it take before you see the effects of the stroke? I'm wondering if the aftereffects happen over time or do you see the problems immediately. We've been told by hospital officials that the paralysis doesn't show up right away and can take a few days to show up. I have a hard time believing or understanding how you can only start having paralysis a few days after the stroke. This was not a hemmoragic stroke but an ischemic stroke.

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I can only say what happened to me, I don't really know what happened to the other strokees I know.


I had progressive left sided weakness the night I had the stroke - first arm, (~6pm) then leg (~10pm)& overnight tongue & maybe face (jury still out on that one, LOL).


No real progression that I could tell during the next day as I managed to walk (badly) into hospital next day at ~2pm. During my time in the Emergency Department & the first few hours in the critical care unit I still managed to pass the neuro obs of gripping their hand & pushing my foot against them. Then some time during the night (don't know exactly when because I was decidedly unwell!) I could not do the obs & by the next moring my entire left side was gone :(


I don't know the mechanism that results in this manifestation - perhaps its just that the involved nerves are now well & truely dead - you'd need to ask a neuro about that one.



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In my case during Monday afternoon I began to feel as though there was spinning going around my head and a metal taste in my mouth. I left work and went home and went to bed thinking I might be getting the flu. I awoke on Tuesday morning and my left arm was limp. We went to the ER and sometime during the 8 hour period that I was in ER I lost the use of my left leg. I remember walking in to ER and even going to the rest room while I was there by myself.


I was at my neuro's today and he seemed to have a few extra minutes. He told me I had a severe motor skill stroke and even he is amazed that I am walking unassisted. It just goes to show that recovery although sometimes at a snail's pace does happen.



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Gidday,When i had my attack, the symptoms were pretty much there straight away couldnt walk,see properly& talk as well my wife told me my whole rt side of my face drooped immediately, this sends a chill through me every time i talk or think about that day.Anyway I suffered a LFT BASILAR BRAINSTEM STROKE, as we all speak every stroke has different adversities& conditions, I have been told that you have a 3 hr window to treat the stroke before serious further damage can take effect(FOR A CLOT NOT SURE ABOUT BLEED).so I suppose everybody is different & I wish you all well. Hoped Ive helped you here- Cheers :D

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As Phil says, every stroke is different and you can tell that is so by these "stroke stories". It is hard to tell with Bill's 10/04 stroke since it wasn't diagnosed for over 24 hours due to a hospital gaff. Before he could describe anything but a horrible headache his brain had swollen (due to bleeding at the point of the clot) to the point that he was delirious and incoherent. After the swelling subsided, in about a week's time he was able to answer questions that revealed he had lost his ability to read and write, had severe short-term memory loss and a right-field memory loss. With his 3/05 stroke his right leg symptoms developed first and over the next four or five hours his right arm went weak.


Good luck to you.

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With my last stroke I was talking to jiberish to my ex mother in law. She was sitting with me and my grandson to be. I think I had weakness in my legs and I fell on the floor. A really bad headache was what started with my first stroke and that is why hate it when I get my headaches, I tend to worry if they don't go away quickly.

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It depends on the severity of the stroke. With my Ischemic , the symptoms came on over a 8 hr. period because of a piece of plaque that partially block an artery. But when the slurring and droppy face showed up it was time to go to the hospital ASAP. For the most part, the symptoms come on as the stroke is in progress, as most here will atest to.

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In my case everything happened right then in fact I was at the computer my left fingers wouldn't work then I felt tingling in my left elbow. I stood up to figure out what in the world was going on and fell. Got up somehow and fell again by that time I was too far away from my computer and phone then passed out.


My wife came home from a dental appointment and found me about 5 hours later. Everything happen to me right away and I stayed in the hospital and rehab for four months came home unable to walk. Today almost five years later I drive, ride my scooter and trying to get better.


It's true that with some strokes people are sent back home from the ER cause the doctors can't determine if it's a stroke or a headache only to return the next day with a full blown stroke. But with a hemorrhagic bleed like I had there wasn't any doubt it was a stroke. By the time I got to a hospital the bleeding had stopped so I didn't need the operation to stop the bleed but I had severe damage due to the length of time my brain got no oxygen.


The brain cells die so that part of the body stops functioning. To have paralysis a few days after a stroke means the blood stopped flowing again to those cells, maybe another clot got logged in the brain someplace.

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Hi ~


To answer your question, mine long story, but will TRY to make it short. :uhm:

I was diagnosed in 1980 that I had an AVM. It was located to deep in my brain

to do surgery. The neurosurgeon said you don't have a time bomb in your head

but don't have natural childbirth. Thus I had 2 children c-section. Now to jump

ahead in years. We were in process of adoption, had my3yr. son in for MRI due to

head trauma from abuse. Was walking out carrying him to van felt legs get heavy,

prayed I could get him buckled in car seat. I then collapsed. Could no longer

feel legs, asked person in car next to our van(never got door closed) to go get

help inside X-ray clinic. By the time person came out lost feelig to neck. Told him

that I had an avm, my husbands work #, & to take son inside. Could hear ambulance

in backgroudn, just happened to be Dr. inside doing procecure, he came out & asked

questions, blacked out. Was in a coma & life support for 5 days. It wasn't my time to

go. Through months & months in nursing home, surgery to remove avm, & extended

rehab to reroute signals to brain & relearn how to walk,talk,write,speak,ect. on right

side. AVM was in executive part of brain. Paralized entire rt. side. Lower leg still

partially paralized, walk w/ cane & brace. :happydance: Everyones story is different.

But aren't we thankful to have each other & a refuge to go. God Bless You ~ Nancy

P.S. Have a happy Thanksgiving!


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Hi Folks....


Was a workday....Got up, took a bath....Was feeling like I was drunk a little bit, and I had behaved day after Xmas, even on Xmas Day....


Went away....on the way to work, hit a pothole and blew a tire......

Put on the spare...rush hour and rain and slush..Got to a tire place and a ride to work....

After an hour, the drunk came back....not a mental thing, but trouble with my mouse hand....


About 10 told my boss I was gonna go home.....The tire place didn't have a free vehicle, so I hiked there...about a half mile...

Got the car, gassed up...When I was about a half mile from home....the brake and gas pedal started reacting funny....


Got home, figured to take a nap...after about a half hour, gave up...

Went on line....mousing was not possible....


Friend was on vacation....gave me a ride to the ER...My Doc had called ahead.....By the time I got there, you could have mistaken me for a full blown drunk....

Buncha tests and they had me sleep....


By the next morning, my right side was more or less wiped....I had indeed had an ischemic CVA.....


So....all in all...was about 9 hours from when stuff first felt wierd til I got to the hosp......

Sometime during the night, the final syptoms set in....


I guess it takes time for brain and other neural tissue to die.....And that time will vary in each incident....


That was 11 months ago...the therapists tell me I've plateaued....but I keep working at it....

Right hand is still kinda useless, use a brace and cane...


I do not have a daily life is essentially a full time job....There's a number of folks that help, even after the novelty has worn off...


I've not had a recurrance, and am going to keep it that way.....


Wishing the best for you....

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My symptoms came on in about 1 minute! I went from fully functioning, having just run a half marathon to a total wreck in no time at all. I was paralyed on my right hand side and could not talk or even sit in a chair. Luckily my wife waas there and she caught me before I feell on the floor. She realised t was a stroke and got me to hospital straight away.

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