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hello out there. i too had a pontine brain stroke. i went to 4 dr til i found one to do surg by thrn it was to late. my cyst burst in my cerebellum 1 29 07 and had a craniotomy on 2 4 07. i had much pt and ot. but im left with r sided weakness ,deaf in l ear balance problem and both eyes cont go up and down. i struggle with my head always vibrating, mear ringing . it just doesnt feel right. does any one else have that...... i can though walk with a rolling walker, i work 10 hr a week with the hel lp of friends and family. plus disability only allows that. i try to do all daily actives of life but my r side is still weak. im lucky to be alive but at 49 yr old i think why me,but as my friend say ..why. most days my head just feels not right. i can deal with the stroke but head that is something else. at ist i thouht i was the only one with a brain stem stroke but after reading the dtrike net i started to cry brcause other people have this and without driving i could not go to a support group. even thouh i work at a hospital.. it feels so good to talk because no one unserstand unless they have one, your friens support you wwhen it happens but eventully they drift off. depression is up and down. life in general is up and down. not driving stinks, michigan cold weather stinks .i get do fustated at times but thank the lord i go to work to speak with people. otherwise i could sit home for 12 hrs and the phone will not ring....oh well if you want to chat please wrie back. it just felt good to let it off my chest. write back if anyone does have that shaking and ringing of the ears.








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Welcome to StrokeNet Pwilson, So sorry you had a stroke but I am glad you found us. You have found the best support group there is for support and information. Now that you are a member, feel free to roam around the site. Here you will meet a lot of people who are or were in the same boat as you are , also caregivers to survivors and everyone of us has been touched by stroke in one way or another. Feel free to come chat with us in one of our hosted chats. The schedule is under Stroke Support tab, the way to the chatroom is under the same tab. Please post your concerns or questions on our message board, you will be sure to get replies from people who have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. Again, a nice warm welcome to you. I hope to meet you in chat soon.



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Hi Patricia and welcome to the site. I'm glad you found us. You've come to right place for support and encouragement. Remember that stroke recovery never ends though it does slow down.


I too am a survivor, I'm 4 years post. I experienced a massive right-sided ischemic stroke that paralyzed my entire left side. Today, I am able to motor around my home with the aid of an AFO. My left is stubborn in returning but I maintain hope as I daily work with it.


I too have the ringing in my ears - it's called tinnitus. I recently got a book from my local library called "Tinnitus A Self-Management Guide For the Ringing in your Ears" by Jane L Henry and Peter H. Wilson. The book talks about people having surgery and being on medicines unsuccessfully. The book uses a cognitive behavioral approach to treatment. So far so good. There are times when I actually forget the ringing is even there.


Good luck and look forward to getting to know you.

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hi patricia, i too welcome you to this great site. sorry to hear you are experiencing unpleasant deficits from the stroke. i hope you and your doctor can get you some relief soon. my stroke was 7years ago from a clot leaving my left side paralyzed. i had my stroke at 48. all of us here had our lives impacted by stroke in some way. i think you will find comfort and understanding here. do try to join in one of our chats, to have fun and meet new friends. you can also blog about your recovery journey or whatever you'd like. so browse around and get comfortable with the site. things do get better in time after a stroke. its great you are able to work even for 10 hours a week, that helps your self esteem. keep up the good job you are doing. i hope to see you more active on the site when you are ready.

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Hello Patricia


Welcome to StrokeNet

You will find friends that have walked in your shoes here, without this site myself i do not know where i would be, so hope to see you around here in chats and postings of your blogs etc.


Best wishes in your strive forward



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hi patricia.

welcome to stroke network.

I am a 46 yr old school teacher from India.

My stroke 5 yrs ago was bcos of a clot in the right carotid artery.























i too had an emergency craniotomy.

I relearned to walk and can manage upto 2kms with minimal support and a few breaks.

I'm working on improving balance and endurance.

Its great that u could get back to work.

good luck in your recovery.

Stay strong and hang tough



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W :welcome: Patricia ~


I had my stroke 14 yrs. ago @ age 46. I had an AVM hemorage on me & a stroke paralizing entire rt.

side. Wasn't suppose to make it, put me on life suppost for 6 days, told my husband to go home & prepare

our young children. @ @ age 7 & 8. The other 2 we were in process of adopting. Well as it turned out i

made it. But lower leg still partaially paralized, wear a long brace. Drive w/ left ft. gas pedal in small town

in the day only. You have not bit the dust you've only begun a slow process of recovery. You have a great

future ahead of you! :Clap-Hands: Take one day at a time & give yourself over to God & therapist to help

you learn what you lost due stroke. You can do it....A little at a time, a day at a time. we ended up adopting

the 2 children which has proven to be a challenge for me but it helps my healing process. My older girls,

one has graduated from college Dec. 19th 2008 the other 21 had a tragic accident while home from Ca.

over Thanksgiving. Amy passed away into the heavenlies Nov. 29th. it has been the most crushing trial

I've had to walk thru since my stroke. She was always my inspiration, my tender one. One never knows

what a day will bring but just keep forging forward to the best of your ability. Miracles do happen. There

is always room for improvement! :happydance: You are not alone, this is the neatest bunch of people you

could ever meet to encourage and suggest to carry on to the best of your ability @ hand...May God Bless

you and my prayers are with you always...Nancy

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Hi Patricia and welcome to our group. I am very happy to see you and meet you. I haven't been on line for a while as My Computer has been having problems and it is a miracle I am on right now. I have been having withdrawals not being able to check the posts here. I thought I would check and see if I could use it for a abit and so far so good. My friend is suppose to come get it and fix it. And, look, you have joined us so I am so excited I get to greet you. You will enjoy it here as you are with those who understand what you are going through. I am a Brain Stem Stroke Survivor, 2003, and I had two TIA's back to back in 2006-2007. I just take life a second at a time. I live in the here and now and I just take my journey and make the best with the life I had. Considering, I am not even suppose to be here, I choose to be positive and don't waste time with the should haves, could haves, etc. This group likes to share their experience, strength and hope with one another and I love the fact that we have all been there, done that and gotten the T-Shirt. Hope to learn about you through the posts, updates, chats. Take Care and Believe In Miracles And SOAR, Hugs, Jan :friends:
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Another welcome from a survivor on the stroke net. We all got problems no matter how old or young we may be. I'm just awful thankful I'm still around and getting better but slowly. My best to you in your recovery Patricia. BTW, I got that ringing in both my ears but not too many headache sessions thank God!


You can do lots of talking here anytime even chat sessions listed for each day. Use your PM to reach others you want to talk with also. Hope you enjoy the support here. Oh, you can ask questions anytime.

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Welcome to our board. I am sorry to hear about the leftovers from your stroke. Hopefully, time will be on your side and you will find that your body wants to cooperate with your mind. Whatever happens with your future, stop asking why. It will only frustrate you further. Good Luck my friend and once again, welcome aboard.

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