HBOT (Hyperbaric Treatments)

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My mom has just started HBOT in the washington DC cost about $200 for an hour and plan to treat my Mom 5 times a week for about 20 weeks...we only started and we are very excited about some results. Is there anyone who has had HBOT? Does anyone know what I can do with my Mom in between the HBOT sessions? Anything I can do to stimulate her brain? She is already getting speech and physical therapy.





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hi jerry, have her do puzzles, word searches, etc or use the computer if she can. anything to stimulate her brain. even watching discovery channel on tv could help her. i'm sure others here will have ideas as well. good luck to you both, as this is a long journey to recovery. i wish you both all the best.


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Good luck on the treatments for your Mom - please keep us posted. Computer games are an excellent source of mind stimulation. So are word searches. You can have her read outloud to you to help stimulate the brain also.


For me, I play freecell every day. In addition one of our members posted the following today: They have a variety of games available including word search.

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You can read up on HBOT from past conversations on this topic. This has been discussed for several years I've been here. Use the search box to find some of them. Type in hyperbaric oxygen.

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Thanks all for the quick response. But, you must be aware that my Mom is about 55 years old and suffered a brain stroke in August of 2006 and she has not been able to speak. My immediate objective for HBOT is to get her to speak a word. Up to now, she cannot utter a word...she just blows and mumbles, and makes noises...I am hoping for her to speak after the HBOT.



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55 is not to old I will be 54 soon and was 53 when i had my stroke, don't know if hbot will do the trick I hope for her sake it does, since she is getting speech therapy, the only thing i would suggest is sit in her good side and read things you know she likes or go through her favorite magazine including her as much as possible, I say get on her good side to get the maximum attention from her, no need to fight deficits in two areas at once, at least for me I didn't pay attention on mt affected side, you both will be in my prayers. :dribble: :hug:

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I am a semi-retired naturopathic physician.

I successfully used mild hyperbaric therapy for my patients for many years.


Here's what I learned:

1) Mild chambers work for stroke patients who came in consistently for at

least 2-3 months. Overall, they saw an increase in their energy levels, they

slept better, speech improved, mobility improved.


2) Adding O2 to the chamber didn't increase or decrease the effects of the chamber


3) Adding certain supplements helped, in combination with exercising, eating unprocessed

foods, and having the attitude of wanting to heal.


There is much controversy about using 'mild' chambers with an ATA of 1.3 versus

the larger chambers which provide 3.0 ATA or higher. After listening to Dr. Gunner Hauser

and other physicians using the mild chamber, as well as seeing the results in my clinic,

I feel the mild hyperbaric chamber gives similar results, but takes longer for changes

to occur.


Financially, hyperbaric therapy is an enormous drain for most patients.

My suggestion is to watch on ebay or craigslist for used chambers.

If I run across used ones, I'll post them here, but

I am semi-retired and don't have a clinic anymore.


~ J



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I'm glad you posted on this topic, if you don't mind introduce yourself in the newbie forum so others can get to welcome you. This was one of my first topics when I joined this site.


What you just said makes sense to me and I'd like to discuss more with you whenever you feel like talking about the treatment a little more.


I guess I'm semi-retired, two times and still working at 65.


Welcome to the site.

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