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  1. Not easy to do. I was fortunate that my wife Valerie understood the situation immediately and made a vow not to help me unless I asked. This must have been incredibly difficult to do since she would automatically want to mother me. Apart from a few minor spills when carrying cups nothing serious went wrong. Visitors are a different kettle of fish and I often have to make it clear that I don't want people picking up anything I drop! Deigh
  2. Hi there, hope you find this message, can't think how else to post it! Lesley phoned us the other week and she and Valerie had a long talk. I suspect much of it was about you and I! Hope your ears weren't burning! Your mother-in-law was a little unwell at the time, we trust she recovered enough for the flight to USA. Keep us informed please. Deigh
  3. I'm eating chestnuts this season, they are grown locally and superb. When travelling around in our campervan we knew all the places you could pick them off the ground for free. The reason they were free to take was because Kiwis are not into them! This is a country where everything grows and the locals are used to just picking fruit off trees and eating them but things like nuts have to be shelled. This is autumn, but looking out of my kitchen window I can see nine different semi-wild flowers including some late roses. Local trees are green all year round, only the imported ones lose their leaves. Deigh
  4. I am in my third year of recovery and am definitely not happy with my talking. The trouble seems to be that the muscles on the right side of my face are not pulling their weight. I still have a saggy jaw which is concealed by my beard (this is a male advantage that you ladies cannot copy!), and when I look in a mirror and speak it is obvious that the left side of my face is doing all the work. At night I can occasionally dribble a little on the right. Has anyone any exercises they can offer me to combat this? Has anyone tried acupuncture for lazy face muscles? Deigh
  5. Yes, without doubt. Valerie and I play scrabble every evening. I win one game in three. I'm trying hard to improve the percentage but not only is she superior at the game she has the most extraordinary luck. There is no way I would consider not playing just because I am losing. If your mother is enjoying trying to balance the books then let her continue but hide the credit card just in case she takes action to sort things out! Deigh
  6. Hey Fred, We all miss your picture. Can you put another in its place? Get that grandaughter of yours to do it with her mobile phone, all kids have them nowadays! Deigh
  7. Janelle, I also faced the same problem, initially had to make the left hand take over all the right hand duties. The after about a year I started to get the right hand back to taking them over. For a while I wrote equally badly with either! I am back to where I was pre-stroke now except for strength and have to return to left handedness to use wire-cutting and screwdriving. I would call myself righthanded or maybe ambidextrous. Deigh
  8. Linnie, You must have serious 'Rubbish Policemen' over there! Here all our plastic recycle bins are picked up by an automated truck and there is no way the driver could see what was in them. I must admit that occasionally I will sneak into mine stuff that isn't recyclable but that I have no other way of dumping! The rubbish goes in a plastic bag and is picked up by another operator. We are not supposed to put garden rubbish in it but like most others in the retirement village who have no other way of getting rid of flower trimmings, I carefully poke them in before covering with kitchen waste. Valerie is too much of a goodie-goodie to do anything like this. She is definitely booked for Heaven. Let us hope my local contractor doesn't read this forum or I will be in trouble! Deigh
  9. Janelle, I just can't imagine French being spoken with an Aussie accent! Deigh
  10. A little extra Kiwi.......We know our country as GODZOWN and it is run by the Gummint. Deigh
  11. Linnie, the word bloke is not very down under, you would describe him as a 'Joker', his girlfriend would be his 'Shiela' Deigh
  12. We are calling her 'She' because I named the chrysalis "Elizabeth". but I have no idea what sex it is! The chrysalis was on the small size and I'm thinking that this is an indication. I havn't found any authority anywhere who can advise me about butterfly sex. I did spot one laying eggs and photographed it with its wings outstretched, so I will be able to peruse its markings and compare with other pix. Deigh
  13. Sweetmom, On being discharged from hospital I was given a card to keep in my wallet. It explains in large letters that I have had a stroke and adds a few words about my difficulties with speech and asks the reader to give me time to answer. I think you should make a card like it have it plasticized and show it to anyone who dares to say "You are looking well"! I keep planning to make a better one saying "I am recovering from a stroke" and a few words explaining my problems, but I never seem to get round to it. I often read in this forum from people who have returned to work and have difficulties with other employees. I think that if I was in that situation I'd type a short statement about my situation in large letters and have it sealed in one of those clear plastic noticeboard things and have it permanently on display in my workstation. It would solve a lot of problems allowing others to know what you face. Deigh
  14. I admire Heather's contribution to this discussion, she is obviously very well organised! Making toast and cups of tea is my only contribution to cooking, but I am a master of messups when it comes to maintenance. It is quite normal for me to set up everything for soldering and then with the iron hot and ready to work, realise I don't know where the solder is or can't find the flux. Last week we had our first waking to find steamed up windows. I had a great device for clearing it last year, but despite three days of searching I cannot locate where it is stored. Next week I'm gonna get organised. Deigh
  15. Yesterday morning doing my computer chores when suddenly saw that Elizabeth had hatched.