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  1. Deigh

    Thanks for those replies, I know the situation now and can recognise that one or two people I know have the problem. Fortunately not me! Deigh
  2. Deigh

    Would like an explanation of 'spasticity' please! obviously I havn't got it or I'd know! Deigh
  3. Welcome back Marcia, I must admit that I'm not good with long posts. Dunno whether its my short memory or my ability to concentrate for any length of time but whatever the reason it forces me to skim read. When I see lots of words I panic and immediately l think "I cant read all that.". Here spring is racing away on us. I'm in shorts as I write this and the temperature is warmer than one would expect for this time of the year. Several uncontollable fires have broken out in the South Island, again unusual. Last week they were in snow! Wierd. Deigh
  4. Deigh

    I bow my head in shame Janelle, I'm mostly a lurker these days! Deigh
  5. Deigh

    L G , What an incredible bunch of letters I've just read, everyone of you has an excellent ability to find the right words to express to explain the situation and in many cases offer helpful advice. Others ,like myself, cannot contribute to the conversation but need to add our sympathy. Like most of the other contributors I am the victim of a stroke rather than the carer but your letters made me quickly examine my attitude to see if I had been guilty of any of the attacks you have had to endure. Please keep us informed of your progress towards living a realistic life again. D
  6. Deigh

    I think we have all found this book very rewarding and automatically advise it to any new stroke survivors we meet. Deigh
  7. As you have been told by others on this forum, we all have panic attacks and there seems to be no way of avoiding them but we all learn our own ways of handling them as I'm sure you will too. I'm in my seventh year of recovery and I believe my stroke was caused by a Doctor taking off blood thinners just before a major operation and not putting me back on them after a reasonable time. Naturally I will never have this confirmed! You have quite a few different things happening all at the same time and again this is quite common with stroke survivors. Take it easy and try to get confidence i
  8. Deigh

    With my sister and mother we were evacuated to Margate in Natal. 400 displaced RAF women and children, the kin of men serving in Egypt, suddenly descended on the town and we took over all their hotels in 1940. About the same number of army families went to the next town down the coast Ramsgate! We all returned to UK before the war ended in 1944. We never really found out why we were there, originally we were evacuated to Palestine and were suddenly taken out of there and put on a troopship expecting to return to UK. The story these days is that South Africa felt sorry for us and took us
  9. Deigh

    Paul, My sister married a South African and moved there with him to Northern Rhodesia where he worked as an electrician in the mines. He served with the South African forces in the war and spent most of his service fighting in Italy. After the taking over by the local politicians there they fled with their 3 kids to Southern Rhodesia. We tried to talk him to come to UK but stubbornly he refused and ultimately had to abandon SR and flee to South AFrica. About 30years ago we did a world trip and last call was South Africa where I was able to see my Nephews and neices for the first time. Eventu
  10. Deigh

    Paul, can we discuss your presence in South Africa? I was evacuated out of Egypt during WW2 to Palestine and eventually to South Africa. I spent three years there as a schoolboy, returning To UK in 1944. I have returned there twice since and have been able to see the changes occurring. What was your reason for being there? Deigh.
  11. Liam, Welcome to the club from a NZ based victim. That was a terrible attack to suffered and I can only add to the advice of those who tell you to take one bite at a time in overcoming your problems. Many seem insurmountable at first but to persist in your attempts is the only way to beat them Deigh
  12. Deigh


    Looking forward to hearing more about the results of the treatment Alan. Also on the treatment itself, it is a complete mystery to me. Deigh
  13. Elsa, Welcome to the club, We don.t have any active members from your part of the world although a few of us here are ex Brits. I moved to New Zealand and we have others who are now in Switzerland and even USA. I cant give any explanation for your headaches but sympathise with you. Surprisingly enough I've had none since my stroke but had them regularly before. There is no telling of the range of problems one can inherit after one! Look forward to hearing more from you. Deigh
  14. Thanks for that and welcome to the club. Quite an extraordinary story, but I suppose every stroke is totally different. Glad you can handle your job again. Deigh
  15. Deigh

    i know , I know, I know........... but I hadn't the heart to dump them, hoping they would find their way into a fellow enthusiast. I had copied them all onto DVD and USB for my own use anyhow. Deigh