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  1. Deigh

    Whats happened to chat? Nobody there yesterday afternoon (my time) and no-one there now. (Morning my time) Deigh 9.18am in New Zealand
  2. Deigh

    Under control? yes, but only just, and I have to take great care to avoid situations when it is under pressure. I must admit that this has become easier with time. Deigh
  3. Deigh

    We dont see that programme here. I have asked a couple of times about the big procedure you had done about 9months ago, but you dont answer!. If you read this please tell us whether you had any good results from it . Thanks Deigh
  4. Deigh

    Difficult to help you here Janelle, normally a lady solves the problem by going our and buying a new pair of expensive shoes but this could only make the problem worse for you, so how about a new expensive summer dress? Hope the enclosed cartoon fits the bill. Deigh
  5. Deigh


  6. Deigh

    Without doubt we should get rid of the necessity for adding a home address. These days no-one with any sense gives that information away. This would encourage more people to join us. The amount of newcomers at the moment is a negative figure and this means we will automatically vanish into the ether. Deigh
  7. I had hopes of getting to a Jazz weekend in the Bay Of Islands next month but that is now highly unlikely. Deigh
  8. Deigh

    Here is an interesting experience. Yesterday mid afternoon I got heartburn. I'm used to this, had a lifetime of it so sucked an indigestion tablet and it went away, but only temporarily because it kept persisting all afternoon and even into evening. This was completely illogical because I hadn't overeaten or even taken something unusual. I also had to make several bathroom visits with loose bowel movements. By bed time I was getting fed up with it started to look for answers. I take a LOSEC tablet every day to handle reflux problems and the downside of these tablets is that they crea
  9. Deigh

    Heather, thanks for that but I'm a simple man and reading the information on that site you directed me to has thoroughly confused me. I think that until more supplies come into my local shop I'll just miss it out of my diet! I know you were meaning to help and I appreciate it but.................. Deigh
  10. Deigh

    AlanD was a regular contributor to this forum about a year ago and came up with some interesting advice about the qualities of potatoe starch. I took his advice and have been a regular user of the powder, mixing it with my morning cornflakes. Thanks to Covid shipping problems a lot of stuff is temporarily off the market here and potatoe starch is one of those. I want to ask if there is an alternative I can use, Cornstarch is similiar as is water chestnut flour and even Tapioca. Alan does not appear regularly on the forum nowadays but I know he occasionally logs in just to read and
  11. We are being well informed about Oz's Covid problems, so many bubbles are being inflated and popped it gets scary. Being our nearest neighbour we are very concerned with whats happening over there. We have relatives in the Sydney area and they assure us they are safe where they are. Over here the labour government is pleased with the roll out which they claim is up to date, the National opposition says its a disaster and Jacinda should apologise. Other parties are sitting on the fence and saying nothing! Like you we have a small but vociferous batch of people who are convinced it is
  12. Without doubt our local lockdown left me with problems. The worst one was my talking, which I kept up to scratch by engaging in conversation on my daily walks with the unpaid ladies who man the local op-shops. Most of them know me by name and they are always good for a giggle and a leg pull. The other was the walking route which had to be changed to avoid meeting people. After a while that sorted itself out by establishing a few stops along the way where I could have a conversation across the road with other exercise advocates. At this time all those op-shop calls are back on my list bu
  13. Deigh

    Becky, thanks for that remedy. I really like it. May have to go for three shots for it to really work for me! Seriously though, I don't have a hurting throat but am finding the wheezing difficult to deal with. My wife was asthmatic and when we first married I had to listen to the terrible wheezing all the time. It took us nearly fifteen years to get it completely under control and now her nights and days are silent. Now, having to listen to the 'dreaded wheeze' again and knowing that I'm producing it is taking me back in time! Deigh
  14. Deigh

    Weather not bad here for winter, milder than normal and we seem to have had a lot of badly needed rain recently......In fact too much rain down country where there have been floods. I didnt know it got that cold in Oz! 7C, wow! I lived in Egypt just before WW2 and winter was extraordinary there...Clear skies and lots of sunshine but requiring the wearing of an overcoat because the sun had no heat and the wind was cold! Deigh
  15. Deigh

    Thanks for that Heather, think that was the formulae I was given, will try it again. I am desperately anxious to get back to some sort of exercise routine but the least endeavour at the moment results in a coughing fit which is unacceptable. Better weather on the horizon means that I might get out in a day or so. Deigh