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  1. Liam, Welcome to the club from a NZ based victim. That was a terrible attack to suffered and I can only add to the advice of those who tell you to take one bite at a time in overcoming your problems. Many seem insurmountable at first but to persist in your attempts is the only way to beat them Deigh
  2. Deigh


    Looking forward to hearing more about the results of the treatment Alan. Also on the treatment itself, it is a complete mystery to me. Deigh
  3. Elsa, Welcome to the club, We don.t have any active members from your part of the world although a few of us here are ex Brits. I moved to New Zealand and we have others who are now in Switzerland and even USA. I cant give any explanation for your headaches but sympathise with you. Surprisingly enough I've had none since my stroke but had them regularly before. There is no telling of the range of problems one can inherit after one! Look forward to hearing more from you. Deigh
  4. Thanks for that and welcome to the club. Quite an extraordinary story, but I suppose every stroke is totally different. Glad you can handle your job again. Deigh
  5. Deigh

    i know , I know, I know........... but I hadn't the heart to dump them, hoping they would find their way into a fellow enthusiast. I had copied them all onto DVD and USB for my own use anyhow. Deigh
  6. Deigh

    That must have been heartbreaking dumping those tapes,I had about a hundred of them, mostly jazz which had to go to make space, I advertised them for free in our local Probus club magazine but had no takers! I ended up putting them at the back of the shed for posterity! Deigh
  7. The, I am a survivor rather than a caregiver but I understand perfectly what you mean. As James said both parties are affected by the stroke and it is difficult to decide who has the worst deal. I am very well aware of the tremendous changes it can have on a marriage and to try and compensate I insist my wife continue with her own personal social life like Red Hats, scrabble and rummiklub engagements. I baulked out of accompanying her to quiz evenings since I was no good at them anyhow, she still attends but is allowed to carry her mobile phone in case she is needed. Now I know this letter is of no value to you but if it conveys to you the deep sympathy we feel for your problem then it may help. Deigh
  8. Deigh

    Absolutely brilliant Deigh
  9. Deigh

    Brilliant Heather. It will be good if our two countries manage to organise that bubble they are considering. The tourist industry in both NZ and OZ are being hit badly by the lack of tourists. Stay safe. Deigh
  10. Deigh

    Brilliant move Alan, best of luck with it, tell us about your new triped. Deigh
  11. love the old hat

    1. Deigh


      It's a good traditional bowler ,  but not old, fairly new pressed out in china

  12. Deigh

    Brilliant Keli, no accidents, no fires, zero emissions and the teams don't spray their winners with champagne! Deigh
  13. Good evening Deigh; My wife and I started to watch an hour long presentation on New Zealand. I believe it is titled Ariel New Zealand. I can never get  enough of things like this and will rewatch parts over again to absorb some facts. I am going to have many question I'm sure. The bit I've watched so far has talked about it being 2 separate islands and the hot springs and frying pan lake on the north isle. Which chunk of Terra firma do you call home? Can't wait to watch more. Thanks,  Wil

    1. Deigh


      It's a brilliant country to visit, there are so many different views and some good activities for the younger generation. It is also peaceful and previous to the recent Mosque shootings...pretty quiet. Just what I need!

      We are North Island, google 'Waiuku;' and you will see it is a pretty uneventful area, We are semi tropical. get no snow but some finger tingling frosts. We get the odd ground shake mid summer which can be fun but rarely events even in an insurance claim.......... and no casualties!

      Water plays a big part in our lives here, We have the biggest ratio of boats per person in the world. one person in three is a fisherperson, mainly sea but also a great amount of freshwater fishers for Trout and Salmon. Boats are not registered but mooring fees cans be steep and in many places charges are made for use of landing ramps by owners of towed boats.

      The handling of the virus crises here has been excellent, we have it fully under control and are now desperately waiting for the rest of the world to catch up and we can again welcome visitors with money to spend.





  14. Brilliant picture Alan and I gotta say it "You are looking well". Deigh
  15. Welcome Eric to the forum. Plenty of good information available here Deigh
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