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  1. I've seen a bumper sticker that said "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff". That seems to agree with your premise! Deigh
  2. Tracy, open your picture using PAINT, in the instructions is a box for re-sizing your picture. Have a couple of plays with it to get things right and then you can save the picture the size you want. Deigh
  3. Been trying to photo Mary and Henry but for some queer reason they have all been blurred. Transferred this one from my Pentax camera showing Henry with slight coating of dew and beginnings of gold stripe and dots. Deigh
  4. From the album View

  5. Last year I planted a Swan bush to encourage monarch butterflies. Butterflies visited but there was very little caterpillar action. Last week a neighbour's plant got damaged and five of her caterpillars got transferred to my bush. Being a royalist I named them after our Royal Family. Mary, Elizabeth, George, Albert and Henry. Mary and Henry were both rather fat and have in the last 24hours gone into chrysalis state. Will include pix tomorrow when chrysalists will have gone into full colour. Deigh
  6. You have given us an excellent description of your problems. Most of us would have had the same sort of thoughts at one time in our existence. Towards the end of your narrative it became clear that you have got your self-destruct thoughts under control. Like myself (also once a Mensa member) you are fortunate to have a great caregiver. She is your greatest asset, take care of her. Recovery is painfully slow and you will have setbacks but your attitude shows that you can handle it. Deigh
  7. Thanks for reply, no don't think I'll watch the film, I need escapist movies not serious ones! I'm not sure about my short term memory, I know my wife and I have a lot of fun teasing each other about memory lapses but my memory has always been bad and I still have to read music for stuff I've played for 50 years! Deigh
  8. Kelli, I find your statement that you know nothing of your pre-stroke life rather staggering! Would you mind explaining more? Most victims seem to complain that their long term memory has survived but their short term one has been affected badly. Deigh
  9. Janelle, Lovely picture, thanks for letting us enjoy it. Grandaughter was a national jazz dance champion but generally speaking dancing is not in our family. I have a bronze medal for ballroom dancing and still enjoy a turn around the floor when a slow waltz is being played. Deigh
  10. Gotta get into this dancing lark.... Seriously though, We go to our local club on a Thursday night for an hour or two. There is usually dancing there and occasionally recently we pluck up courage to do a couple of turns of the floor with a slow waltz. Last week there was some great jazz offered and we got carried away and tried to BOP. What a mess, a spin round by either of us left us dizzy and disorientated! Ah, well, we had a go, but the days of spending an hour or two on the floor are gone for ever. Deigh
  11. Map

    Fred, I havn't had problems actually logging in but there have been a few different things happening, not all of them explainable. I'm quite happy to play along with them till I get things sorted out again. There do seem to be a few new people logging in but a lot of the old crowd seem to have vanished. Perhaps they are having trouble logging in. Deigh (Well, it's Friday here in New Zealand!)
  12. Don. Welcome to the site. It is incredible how no two strokes are alike, everyone's version is quite different. My stroke was sudden and while I was asleep, so I had no knowledge of what was happening. The only setbacks I have had since have been pretty minor so I have been able to concentrate totally on recovery. Regards Deigh
  13. Linnie, don't bother to sign out, just move away to the next job for your computer. Deigh
  14. Hi

    Sandy, Nicely put! A lot of good facts there that anyone starting out on recovery should know. Also a lot of points that people like myself (in my third year of recovery) may have forgotten and need reminding of. Here in New Zealand there is a lot of emphasis on fitness and non smoking as stroke preventative moves. We all know that they are not the problem areas, but your comparision with drink driving results makes a lot of sense. Deigh