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  1. I want to send a message to Alan D but when I click on his pix and try I get a message saying that my inbox is full and I ust clear it before continuing...What inbox? I cant find one?
  2. Here in NZ we have a radio station called 'Concert'. It is non commercial and plays mostly Classical music with the odd slide into serious jazz. Between midnight and 6am the music is pre-recorded so there is no chat from operators, no new flashes and no weather forecasts. It is an ideal station to listen to if I cant sleep so I have my beside set tuned to it 24/7. I have plugged in a set of 'pillow speakers' which go under my pillow and I can only hear if my ear is directly over them. My partner alongside me can hear nothing. To mute the sound I can either switch off the radio, or
  3. wow, that was some report you gave us there. I've had a near permanent headache for the last few weeks and was overjoyed when a brain scan early this week showed that there was no malignant growth to blame. Home tests for Covid showed that I was clear and now we are a search for a solution to the problem which is high blood pressure. Take care, there are not many of us left you know! Deigh
  4. One small trick I took on recently is to avoid TV for the last hour before bed. The blue light emitted is not good for for you. Dunno why, you'll have to ask an expert. The full plan should be to avoid being near electronic things like radios and even phones at sleep time. No way is that possible for me, I rely on my bedside radio for the time and also to entertain me when not sleeping. Deigh
  5. Establishing a sleep pattern has been difficult for me for many years. My pattern for many years was that I dropped off to sleep instantly but woke again about 2 am and could not drop off. Eventually I gave in to this tossing and turning and donning dressing gown would make a cup of tea, take a couple of disprin, move into computer room and use the internet for an hour. I would make up the sleep with an hours nap after lunch. Being self employed I could do this. Over the next few years I wrote 3 books during this time. This all ceased when we became grey nomads in our campervan and
  6. Valerie loves family photographs and for the last few years the senior grandkids have taken over the organisation of the family Xmas meetings and the last one was two years ago and she got this attached pix. Last Xmas our eldest son has refused vaccination so there was no meeting. With a bit of luck this year may work out better for her.
  7. I'd be very interested in what temperature you call 'cold'. According to our local weather reports your temp is about 30C. Here we are having cool nights but the sun is still shining brightly all days and putting us in the region of 25C. This is comfortable! Deigh
  8. Sorry, cant help with your question, completely out of my field but someone else will have some answers for you. I just want to welcome you to the forum and hope you will keep in touch. Deigh
  9. One Auckland based friend has caught covid and there have been a few local scares but nothing on the doorstep. I expect our Doctor will be telling us about flu shots shortly. Everyone is expecting flu to be serious this year but I hope they are wrong. Our summer is hanging on and we are still having very warm sunny days even though it is autumn. I'm still in shorts and short sleeved shirts and enjoying it although the nights are getting coolish. Deigh
  10. Deigh


    No local cases we know of but I nearly sneezed while in a supermarket the other day and had to take extreme measures to muffle it rather than cause a panic. Deigh
  11. Limbo does rather describe the situation. Nobody likes it but most of us prefer it to the alternative. Valeries annual Christmas family photogaph was abandoned last year since one son has refused to get vaccinated and put a kybosh on the occasion. Personally my speech recovery has gone backwards with the absence of people to chat with on my daily walks. Having the odd shouted conversation across a street has been a poor substitute. Yesterday our leader eased off many social gathering restrictions, this is probably a bit early but very welcome, the country is missing out badly on o
  12. Yep Willis, I also would like to thank Keli for working on this. We seem to have a few problems with the site at this time which could explain why we are not getting new members joining us. For instance I'm not getting notifications via E-mail when someone adds to a message of mine. I don't know whether its my computer or the site that is at fault! Deigh
  13. Heather, I've kept in contact with Keli regularly and have put in my ideas on how to improve the sites performance. That is as far as I can go. I'm not getting notifications from this site nowadays, I dont know whether this is the sites or my own computers fault. The chat forum seems to be working as well as I've known it. Occasionally we have a full house there and when that happens you cant hear yourself type! Deigh
  14. Yep Jannelle, there is something seriously wrong with the site, despite 2000 new stroke cases a day in USA we havnt had a newcomer since late December! I'm very reliant on the site for my wellbeing and would hate to see it vanish into the ether. I use the chat group regularly and am surprised you havn't found your way onto it. Perhaps the time is inconvenient for Oz. I also make a point of throwing something into this forum regularly just to keep it a bit alive. Call it a finger variation of mouth to mouth resuscitation! Deigh
  15. Deigh


    The world as you and I knew it is in a mess, but to come to think about it, this has been the same since man arrived on the earth! my wife got a bit upset about the Covid restrictions the other day but I pointed out to her that we two had survived early childhood when people were dropping bombs on us, not been hit by the bullets they fired, as adults survived three serious bank collapses, two world depressions, several nuclear threats, food shortages, three epidemics and even Trump's efforts at goverment......so we can handle Covid. Deigh