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  1. Good to hear some of his stuff is still around. He used to be a classic read like Asimov. My first Sci-fi reads were the Carter of Mars series. They blew my mind and directed me into a lifetime of following an exciting medium. A book I read once every two years is "Timeline" written by the author of the Dinosaur Island. My own book "Pooti" is published electronically. Deigh
  2. Hey Becky, With today's fashions that would not be noticed at all! Everyone would have thought you were 'Cool'. Deigh
  3. I saw, with concern, the other day you were in a wheelchair. I hesitated to comment on it in case it was to be a permanent fixture. Now I read that you are walking with hemi and walker. This is indeed good progress, What sort of exercise regime are you on? Deigh
  4. We have occasional bursts of forgetfulness like after setting up the breakfast things for Valerie to complete on rising, I stand back and have a serious look round to see if I've forgotten anything. If this gets the all clear I move onto the next job of personal exercise. Despite the care I take to confirm all is ready I can still guarantee that about once a fortnight there will be a shriek of delight from the kitchen when Shewhomustbeobeyed finds I've missed something. Today, writing this, I have just realised that I've forgotten the peanut butter. (I'm not kidding). These mishaps are a part of daily life, we don't take them as serious warnings of impending brain failure and if one remembers correctly there were times I went to school forgetting to take my homework and times at work when I've forgotten my lunch. Deigh
  5. Before my stroke I was in hospital following a spleen removal. Every day during recovery we were visited by students learning how to be surgeons. I was staggered to find that four out of five were young ladies! Deigh
  6. If it is just going to speed up the brain, I don't want it! Brain, though not as good as it was before is far too busy working on problems. I find that these days since my physical activity has been heavily curtailed, my brain is still planning out things I'd like to or should be doing and with time on its hands is going over and reminding me of a lot of things I'd like to forget like old scores where I have been wronged or missed opportunities. For a while this became a bit of a serious problem and I had to tackle it. I tried laughing about them and this did work to a great extent, but the best plan was to just try and wipe them from my memory or refuse to think about them. If only my brain was like my computer where I can take something, dump it into the trash bin and lose it completely! Deigh
  7. Pearls, Your latest mail was addressed to FRED, who started that conversation in December 2016. It's a bit difficult to understand, Are you in touch with Fred? The last correspondence from him was about six months ago and he didn't sound very well. We would all like to catch up with him, can you help? Deigh
  8. I never thought about doing this when I suffered from those terrible tearful times but I wish now I had explained to people that they were emotional outbursts and not crying. There is a big difference, to cry is to shed tears because you are upset, and is completely unacceptable in the male psyche!. These were just emotional overloads and a result of one's oversensitivity to light, sound, surprise, temperature and even pleasure. Deigh
  9. Barbara, I had to look at the date of your stroke before comparing it with my progress. Yours was only this year so you have quite a way to go as far as recovery is required. I'm not sure whether I had the same problems, difficulty finding the correct word to say was a handicap only for a short time for me. Saying the wrong thing, I don't know, but I havn't got many friends left so perhaps I was guilty. My biggest problem is actual speech. I work hard at improving it but even after two and a half years I am nowhere as lucid as I would like to be. I can make myself understood to a sympathetic listener and that is excellent, but if I am tired or under pressure I am in trouble! I dare not get into arguments and when in a crowd even good conversation is very unsatisfactory. Since I am a person who likes to talk and argue this is a condition I am not happy with. What part of the UK are you from? Deigh
  10. I asked my stroke doctor about returning to driving. Initially he said I wasn't ready but on my next appointment after a year he OKed it. First I had to pass a driving test with a special examiner. This was no problem and my licence was restored. I can and do drive occasionally but prefer nowadays to have my wife take the wheel. I have not even looked at my heavy duty driving licence renewal since I have no plans to use it. Deigh
  11. WOW, You want a seek-and-kill bug zapper? Think thats' a bit much for my inventiveness, I'm merely a failed rocket scientist! Deigh
  12. Sorry, I'm working on the Henry Ford principle and supplying in any colour as long as it's black. I planned to add a USB fitting for phone charging, and am seriously considering Scott's idea of a bug zapper. I wonder if there would be enough energy over for a blood pressure monitor since the device will not work indoors and if you are outside you are going to exercise more.........................Problems, problems. Deigh
  13. Glenda, for the first few days after my stroke the crying was almost unbearable for me. I could burst into tears when being visited by people I didn't even particularly like! After that it eased but was (and still is) not far below the surface and I have to avoid anything sensitive. I also found increased sensitivity to bright lights, loud noise and anything irritating. My short temper got even more short and again even now has to be carefully controlled after two and a half years. I am also intolerant to temperature changes. This is not to say that things have not improved, they certainly have, but not enough to say that my emotions are completely under control! I have had to learn to live with these problems on top of the physical shortcomings. Deigh
  14. Alan, These are the contents of my desk shelf, you may need some of them yourself to get those fingers working again.. Top of the page is a pack of cards for doing one-handed pack splitting. Next is a baton for twirling (have nearly got this working) Left is a bunch of 20c coins for picking up practice. next is a Digi-extend. good for stretching. Spring loaded exerciser for wrist, hand and elbow. Flanger, good for finger pressure. Baby's squidging toy. Always in my hand when I'm out walking. Length of 1inch dowel for tossing up and catching. Not shown is a bunch of 4inch nails. I would hammer three of them every day into a chunk of wood in the garden. Regards Deigh
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