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  1. As a survivor struggling with aphasia I was very intrigued about the fact that your family relied on lip reading to communicate. This meant that you could mouth the words and you had to breathe and I had difficulty in understanding how you could not speak. I read your resume and that explained it. I also know that you had three sessions with speech therapists over the years obviously to try different ways to overcome the difficulties. It makes my problem minor by comparison. I used to make a short recording every month on my smart phone to measure progress. Every now and then I'd get disheartened. Just before Xmas my phone crashed and had to be replaced. The recordings were lost. Friends I met occasionally commented that my speech was improving. I took this as just people being nice but last week had a very pleasant surprise when a rather exuberant one I'd not met in a year said that my improvement gave her goosebumps! This has given me the boost I needed to start recording again. Regards, Deigh
  2. Got another idea. I have an account in Kiwibank over here. When I log on an automatic program puts my name and account number in the correct places, then I get asked to fill in the gaps to complete a word that we have already settled between the bank and me. I might be asked for my mother's name, my first car or my service number and it would show in that case as ( and are the nearest iconsI can get to a box!) and I have to fill in the question emoticon! Deigh
  3. I do agree that passwords are a problem. I try to get away with only one but some sites have other demands like capitals and not accepting some popular number runs. I write my passwords on my computer desk with a felt pen for quick referral. Last month I sold some stuff on 'trademe' and photographed the product on my desk. Later on I checked on my sale and to my horror saw all my passwords exposed for anyone to use! Fortunately they were all for sites that were not over important.My bank ones were not there, they are still in my memory. I had problems recalling them immediately after my stroke but that got sorted out fairly quickly. Deigh
  4. JonJ, I think you are trying too hard! Just try to do your normal things and if you can't do them, then make a note. Later on you can assemble them and see where your new faults are. Then you can look at working on them. I'm a person who doesn't relax so I can't tell you to do it! but I think you should try! Rest is more important than anything else in your recovery plan. Deigh
  5. Yes, indeed. I go out an evening once a week to my club for a beer and a game of pool plus chatter. I am not fully comfortable most of the time, I have to plan carefully my movements around the room to allow for sudden changes of direction by other users, knock me off balance and I'll end up on the floor! I also have to be careful of sudden shouts by merrymaking patrons (there's nothing quiet in a NZ pub, club or restaurant!). Despite these problems I enjoy it mostly and consider it a part of my plan to get used to crowds again. Deigh
  6. What a remarkable account of your stroke, it made me realise just how incredibly different they all are. You are not saying much about what it left you with, do you have any loss of strength or dexterity? and how is your talking and walking now? Deigh ps suggest you reply in another part of the forum, this one is just for introductions........and I forgot to say welcome!! D
  7. Cromely, Thanks for that, I've applied to join a couple of them. Could't read any mail though, perhaps that will happen when I'm accepted as a member. Deigh
  8. I didn't want to start this conversation, I was waiting for someone else to ask questions and then I could have come in showing my knowledge about it and look clever. This hasn't happened so I've had to start the ball rolling. I have had problems for some years with constipation, it is mainly due to a medicine I've been taking for some time Losec. My stroke added to the problem and it got quite uncomfortable at times. About a year ago I started yet another search for a solution and came across an advert for MUCIL. 'You probably havent enough fibre in your diet'. Said the advert. "Nonsense", was my reply, "I have a good range of all the right things in my foodstore". Anyway their argument was pretty convincing so I tried it as a powder, spreading it over my breakfast cornflakes. I have never looked back, the results were excellent so now I'm an advocate of it. Deighooops, sorry, that wasn't the ideal Smiley to add! Deigh
  9. I'm not crazy about facebook but would like to know of any addresses you can give me that are concerned with stroke. Much obliged! Deigh
  10. No, if you look up at the sky when walking you are going to put your foot into it. Deigh
  11. Bit of a catch22 situation there ! Deigh
  12. Had some excellent night views of the space station recently with clear skies. Everything went wrong with the blue moon observation though, we had a storm earlier and I only got occasional glimpses of it through the clouds . I find that it is very pleasurably being able to look above me without falling over. For the first year or so after my stroke this was impossible and my evening searches for satellites was rather frustrated. Deigh
  13. Finding a word for it can be important to some people. The only thing it does for me is to re-assure me I am not alone and there are many others with exactly the same problem. The only trouble is I can't boast about it because I've already forgotten the word! Not fair, is it?. Deigh
  14. Have you any idea why that was called the 'insane' Haka? It was certainly not a standard production, Tattooing was not originally prevalent and has just crept in over the last few years. Tradition is very strong among Maori still. I have a guitarist friend who moved to Australia. His daughter drowned last Xmas Eve. She was cremated and they brought her ashes back here for burial to join her ancestors. Maori protocol demands that. Deigh
  15. No, you didn't! I wish I had friends like that! Deigh