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  1. Happy Anniversary lady k!

  2. Happy Anniversary lady k!

  3. Happy Anniversary lady k!

  4. Happy Anniversary lady k!

  5. lady k

    I haven't been around for a while, so to bring you up to date on where mu reply is coming from, my husband brought me from Indiana to Texas just after i stroked and dropped me off to live in our travel trailer in my daughters yard, that was about 4 years ago, I think I don't do numbers well, at the time I had just started to receive disability from a private insurance who stopped after about 3 months, they sent a letter stating I had to apply for social security disability which i had just done when they stopped paying, long story there but I got the soc security in 2 month from filing to beginning paychecks, God's work not mine, a year and a half later I found out about government assisted apartments, they are for seniors and disabled, and was able to get an apartment immediately, usually a 6 month wait, God's work not mine, and if your question is can you live alone, my answer is with God's help you can move mountains, and yes I do very well on my own, I do have physical and other issues to deal with, I would make a list of things you can not do without help and then look for helps available to use such as jar openers, etc, or post it here and we can all post what we do, looking forward to getting to know you. :yadayada:
  6. lady k

    catching up

    thought i would update on what has happened this past year, my daughter and grandson went with me back to Indianapolis to get some things, from our house up there and get my car.found out when i let husband know i was coming that he had sold our house and he needed a list of things i wanted, i found out what i thought was mine wasn't what he thought was mine, he had sold or given away quite a few things, and some i have no idea what happened to it, so that is a definite end to that, i was going to file for divorce but am letting him do it. on our wat back we went through Kentucky and stopped st Kentucky down under. a park with a cave and Australian animals, my grandson had a great time, i even went through a cave, i didn't think it would be so rough, but i made it, everyone in our group ending up making sure i made it, at one point i had the lady in front pulling me along and my daughter in back holding on, i only went down once, and it was more a sink than a timber. but i ended up sitting in some water, yuck it was cold.i got to the back of the park and gave out my daughter flagged down a worker and got me a ride on a golf cart back to the front, i took a cane and she carried one of those fold up sports chairs, so there i was sitting in the road on my chair, not far from the birds, where a kookaburra bird was laughing hysterically.
  7. lady k

    my family

  8. lady k

    back on site

    thought i would update my blog, basically i haven't done anything new. been staying home, i have all new doctors and my diabetes got out of hand and had to change antidepressant had to be changed and i have been fighting a big funk, ans still fighting it, i rarely sleep, and doctor thinks it is depression, so we are still trying to find the right med, even the sleeping pills don't help, just make me feel worse. had a friend over who urged me to get back on here and after getting on reading new posts, thought i would update this. i am still in overcomers in fact i am a facilitator and i am the person called to substitute when the regular person can't get to the meeting, if anyone needs a good place to go to get help on this journey of overcoming our why me i recommend finding a meeting. even though it was originally a program for addicts or alcoholics, it is a christian based program for overcoming life controlling problems.
  9. lady k


    I have tried to add to this several times but it just disappears, so here goes another try, I am staying here in Texas, last I spoke to husband was May, he said basically don't call me 'll call you, so I know going back is not the right thing, I 'm really glad it happened before I went back, now I've received the first money from my Mom's estate, hoping will be enough to buy a small house and have my own place, I'm going to look at a place next week, I think with a riding lawn mower I will be able to keep up the lawn, what doesn't dry up from the summer heat, I hope to have a little garden, maybe a raised bed so I can garden a little, raise some veggies, and stuff, maybe get a dog if Kat will let me, lot's of people at church have volunteered to help paint, is nice to get some bills paid off, I will put back the same amount as the rent I pay now to save up to pay for maintenance costs
  10. lady k

    i want to add some encouragement also, keep working on the wrist if you give up you are guaranteeing yourself there will be no imptovement but if you work with it you have the possibility that you will see improvement you may not get to the point that it will be like you never had a stroke but you certainly can improve the function some, i too have prob;ems with the wrist and hand on my affected side, and have worked it to the oint that i can now usually open my hand so i now longer have to pry my hand from every thing i hold onto and this has been a milestone for me and now more opportunities have opened up for exercises i can do so am hoping i will gewt some dexterity back however i have no feeling so i have to keep an eye on it when i do use it, i know you can improve also, there will be some pain and some times you will want to give up but hang in there and reap the benefits, you are well kived here and anytime you feel discourage ask all your aunties here we understand the discouragement when we are making no improvement for a time. :dribble: :hug: :2cents:
  11. lady k

    if you use food to encourage him to try, make sure it smells really yummy and set it up where he can see the food and chair and invite him to come and eat
  12. lady k

    had another :2cents: to add, i have always had straight hair and have never liked perms a few times i bit the bullet and did get one, so everyone has to make do with what;s on their head unless they can afford a nice enough wig, personally i would rather wear my short easy to care for gray hair than a wig, I've had gray hair since my 20's so that is no big deal, i didn't want to cut my hair but after getting the glue in it from the wire thingie then using one of those caps with the waterless shampoo, also always getting it caught under me and pulling every time i tried to do anything, and having it anything but a mess unless one of the aides had the time to help, luckily several enjoyed trying braiding and other things, i immediately went to get it cut upon leaving the hospital first just shoulder length and donating the cut off hair for wigs for cancer patients, i have gradually had it cut shorter and shorter, until i had it cut really short, i envisioned wispy tendrils i got alfalfa from the old TV show, then after all the compliments i have gotten and continue to get i went back and had it done again, so find a good beautician and take a chance it can always grow back, you may just like it as well as i did
  13. lady k

    i too had long hair (i could sit on it)a real mess in the hospital, i worked up to now 2 years later with very short hair, i thought it would make me look manly however i have been reassured over and over that that is not so, i have dexided to keep it becaise i can take care of it so easily, i'll never win a beauty contest so like you with one arm not working and not walking so good, i feel my hair as long as i keep int clean and brushed no longer concerns me.
  14. lady k

    i would also suggest some flashlights that charge when you shake or wind up, that way if you forget your batteries won't be dead or mia, ibelieve you can get lanterns and radios also, might be nice to get a little seldlighting coleman stove and squirrel away some hot chocolate and some littlw snacks, comfort foods are great for comforting you, we had a torndo around here a couple of weeks ago, i got my wind up flashlight out, i got it after about the 3rd time i accidently left the fladhlight on and the battereries died, it eas about $8 at wal-mart, cheaper than all the dead batteries, yes we all do need to consider our situations now maybe also stash a day or two of meds wherever we have to go, pillow and blanket too.
  15. lady k

    i can understand your pain, i have felt betrayed several times and once it was so bad that it took me 35 years to forgive him, i felt much better after i could do that, i still haven't forgotten and if i was in the same situation again, i would still be vigilant i=so it coldn't happen again, i dob't know what a intervention does, but i do know for your own health that forgiveness will help you not him, you will stay in my prayers.