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    Volunteering, reading, computer games and net surfing, cooking, housekeeping, my pets, I have 2 cats, Charlie and Sassy and of course the love of my life André
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  1. Happy Anniversary mcdube!

  2. Happy Anniversary mcdube!

  3. Happy Birthday mcdube!

  4. mcdube

    I went today and Dad was in a good mood. He loves talking to everyone. Mom... the jury is still out. She seemed in an ok mood but its hard to tell with her. She does not show her feelings. She does not talk to anyone. Just hope someone there will find a way to draw her out. Thank you for your comments everyone. mc
  5. mcdube

    Fred and Debbie, thank you both for your comments. Apparently my Dad went over to the residence early this morning, had breakfast and lunch there and met some people. By the time my Mom and sister arrived he was in a good mood. I am going tomorrow so will update again. mc
  6. mcdube

    Good for you Lenny. Looks like you have a good memory, I am not sure I would have remembered all the questions in the test to be able to retell it here. Good luck on the other part of the test. Hugs mc
  7. mcdube


    Finally, spring is in the air though we still have cold days with a lot of wind but it is getting nicer. No more boots and winter coat is semi retired. On april 4th, I had a car accident that retired my lovely Hyundai Accent so now on top of shopping for a new place to live (for June 1st) we are looking for a new car. On the bright side , my condo is almost ready to put up for sale. Renovations should be done by the end of the month. Yikes. I was not hurt in the accident but the car was a write off. Thank God for that. My parents are starting a new page in their life. They mo
  8. mcdube

    Mike, I am very sorry for your loss. We met in chat, though it has been a while since I have been there. I remember you talking about your beloved in such a loving way. I wish you all the best. Stay well my friend. mc
  9. I love your attitude Fred. Not an easy life for sure but you keep going. Congratulations and good luck. I wish you a long happy life now that you have found happiness. (Hugs) mc
  10. mcdube

    Thank you All for your comments. This too, shall pass mc
  11. mcdube

    Thank you everyone for your comments. Its nice to hear from you. mc
  12. mcdube


    Hello everyone. Sorry I have been MIA. Turned out there was no surgery. All they did was take a biopsy and insert an IUD with medication. Everything went well and I am feeling better. Lately I have been having hot flashes again and headaches I see the doc tomorrow to check my thyroid meds. My oldest son decided he did not have a mother anymore. Thank God my youngest is still my loving son. So, life goes on. We are moving again. This place was not what we needed though the garage was wonderful this winter. So we are looking again. The condo renovations are almost done and we should b
  13. mcdube

    Congratulations Asha. Hope you had a great day. I miss our yahoo conversations. I am locked out as I forgot my password and they dont retrieve passwords. Opening a new account did not work as I have to use the same e-mail address. Hope we can chat soon. mc
  14. Happy Birthday mcdube!

  15. mcdube

    Jamie, so true but just yesterday I was telling Andre how us humans are able to adapt to almost anything and we are resilient too. Maybe that all comrs once you have lived through many changes like we survivors are forced to do. mc