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New everything!

Hello friends! Things have change in my life almost ( but not quite ) as fast as they did when I stroked. New house new state and kinda new life too. Right after November we were hit with the desire to change our location and move closer to my daughter's family and my 2 Grandsons 7 and 10 years old. Boom talk about good timing. We made the 100 plus year old farm house pretty much maintenance free as planned but 2 and a half acres was becoming a bit much. for a 66 year old women in spite of her e


Willis in New Everything


I don't do this often and forgot where this stuff is to be added sometimes. Grrrr.... PB& Jelly daggers  For our 4 hour car ride to my daughter’s,  my wife (who does all the driving)  makes PB&J sandwiches so we don’t have to stop and eat. Even bigger than that we are not big fans of restaurant food anymore anyway.  April is the throw nothing away queen so the past several sandwiches I got were made with a jelly my daughter gave us because she didn’t like it. I don’t blame her


Willis in Daggers


A Very Happy Mother's Day to all of the mothers here. Dads don't forget we would never have the title of father without them. You ladies should be running the world in my opinion.




I feel bad that this is not more troubling to me. I hope of course it doesn't touch me or family and friend but it is more interesting to me than frightening right now. It's in Michigan and spreading now. I'm doing all the things my government is telling me to do or not do. Shelter in place? Yeah been pretty much doing that for 5 years. I've got that down. My brain bleed left my left side pretty much disabled. I have mobility but very little sensation. I can limp around and "leftie" is using his