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wedding anniversary



just celebrated, june 2nd, our 39th wedding anniversaryclap.gif .we went out to dinner and had a wonderul prime ribStarvin.gif . so filling we were able to bring enough home for another meal for both of us. only problem- discovered on the way home i lost a piece of my tooth, far back almost the wisdom tooth. will call mon. morning for app't. fortunately it doesn't hurt. expect this to cost $1,000+money.gif . sure would have liked to have used the money for a better present. toothy%20grin.gif blessings lynn


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bumer good thing the tooth waited until after prime rib dinner to break since it's a wisdom tooth maybe he'd just pull or repair with the white filling stuff just to smooth out & hold together for now! good luck glad U had a nice dinner - we will be 35 yr in Dec about same age!



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Congratulations MLP on your anniversary. Larry and I will be married 18 yrs June 12th. (2nd marriage) I think we will finally use a gift cert. that is over 1 yr. old to celebrate. LOL



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Lynn: Happy Anniversary and I am so happy you had a wonderful celebration!


I am sorry about the tooth problem, but again it was after the celebration. Many more. Debbie

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Lynn, happy anniversary. Commiserations about the tooth thought - $1000 - wow! What couldn't we buy as a present for that kind of money? New stereo, new summer wardrobe, a weekend away...hmmmm.


Hope you come home from the dentist with some change and some peace of mind.



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hey Lynn:


happy Anniversary. June 2nd is special day at our house too we celebrated hubby's Birthday on that day too. I am glad your tooth held on till you enjoy your dinner & hopefully teeth will get fixed. 39 years together is great milestone.




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