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Murphy's Law is alive and well here



The saying of murphy's law that says if anything can go wrong it will, is going full power here. Since my blog a little while back about what I thought was a ruptured spleen things have continued to go down hill. Turns out wasn't my spleen that ruptured but a bleeder in my stomach along with some gall stones and an infected colon. But no insurance all the hospital did for me was to stabalize me and discharge me still wounded.


Since that time, as most of you know my father in law passed away. I want to take this time to thank each of you for your kind words of sysmpothy and condolences. They have meant the world to my family and kitty's mom.


The day after my father in law's funeral, I was at the emergency room once more with shortness of breath. I had been having problems laying down to sleep gaging. The er doc tried to call it copd flare up, but I have never been diagnosed with it. I was also told to see my dr that following mon. I did and she read the hospital labs which showed a large body of fluid with in me. She gave me lasix to take to get rid of the fluid. Well by fri the fluid build up was worse when I walked in to see dr again. Long story short she sent me back to er with congestive heart failure. I spent the rest of the day there with Kitty in tow because there was no one here to take care of her. Our daughter was away at church camp and the rest were off on a camping trip.


Last night our daughter finally gets home and gives me the back up I had been needing. Kitty had been under the weather for the last few days. I kept trying to get her to go to er to be checked out. She kept refusing. Last night with daughter's help we finally got her to go. Her personal sugar tester couldn't read how high her sugar was. At 5 this morning the hospital was still having to do blood work to find out how high her sugar was.


May I request praying for just a day maybe 2 with some good luck in them. Thanks to all my friends here on stroke net.


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Oh Mike, I am so sorry to hear of your new health problems in addition to those of Kitty's. You do not need more than you had to take care of before! I hope the doctors are able to help you both. Take care. My prayers are definitely with you both.


Julie :friends:

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Mike, of course you will be in my prayers... I continue to be amazed at our personal resilience, and I will keep you and your family in my thoughts.



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Mike: you know I am praying for you and Kitty and your famiy. I wish I had some suggestions, except maybe to call in a social worker, show him/her the medical problems you both have had recently and ask if there was not some agency that you would qualify for for some much needed help. I know that you live in a rural area, but maybe Kitty herself would qualify for something. Worth asking.


Please, please do take care. With CHF now on board and the weather patterns, you have to be doubly careful. Hydrate, get those legs elevated at least a few times a day, no salt and rest as best you can. If anyone offers help, please consider having them pay for a complete physical with your Doctor, most pharmaceutical companies will offer help with needed medications.


Thinking of you and always in my prayers, Debbie

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