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Vascular dementia blog.



I understand that this board is for Stroke Survivors and their loved ones. And I know that vascular dementia is related to strokes... but it is true that the issues involved in vascular dementia are a bit different from what happens when a person is recovering from a stroke. With that in mind I would like to start a support board for folks who are caregivers and family members of people who have vascular dementia and/or alzheimers. I've searched the internet and haven't been able to find such a board - probably because the age group affected by this tends to be a bit older than I am.


I would like to invite anyone here who is dealing with dementia to come and join me!



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Beth, my blog has been a dementia blog as well as a stroke blog since I first began it. Ray was diagnosed with vascular dementia not long after the 2005 stroke so we have been living with the effects of that for a long time.


He has 48 and I was 43 when he first stroked, he is 68 now, so we have been travelling this road at a younger age than most. Now sadly the stroke/vascular dementia combination is merging so that what is causing a situation with a particular happening in his medical life can be attributed to either or both. This has complicated his recovery as the nursing staff use the vascular dementia as a reason for his failures. This gives them a "not our fault" escape clause which I hate.


Thank you for the link to your new site.



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