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Just A big happy family...



When i first came here, i wanted people to take in what i have said. For the first time i wanted people to listen. And you do. To know i can come home from school and read what amazing things you all have wrttin comforst me and makes me feel like my words have gotten acrosse.


You may not know. But everyone on this site is my inspiration. The survivors, The caregivers, The family, The people who are just consernd. You all give me the strength to improve. To be my self. To know what i am saying may make an impacked on my life. I hope i do the same for you.


Everyone here is my second family, and i know it sounds "odd" But i feel like i can talk to all of you as if i have known you forever. You all make me look at my life and see, I am not the only one that is and was going through pain. That people to are crying, tears of happynes and tears. For when it is all over you look back, and noticed what you all of acomplished may not be a foot print in history, but in my life and in yours, you are my history book of life. I know what you went through and what you are going through.


You all amaze me, your strength, your kindness. You Are my inspertaion and for ever will be. I guess i'll just keep counting the days.


Lots of Peace and Lots of Love









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I think you are an amazing teen. I only hope my son becomes as insightful, thoughtful as you. We are a big happy family here, no doubt about it. But you add a valuable voice and perspective to the site also.

Your mom and dad are proud of you I bet.


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One of the beautiful things about the internet....you cannot see the person you're talking to so you cannot become prejudiced about age or anything like that. Plus, many of the people at strokenet are women...thus compelled to give out motherly advice. And for the males, they give their fatherly advice.

Giving advice makes a person feel needed and of value.

Thank you for accepting our reaching out to you. pash.gif

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you are such a sweet girl and "older than your years". i was always older than my years too. the thing about that, is that when you REALLY get old, like me, then you start acting like a teenager!!!!!! it's crazzzyyyy lol



glad you are part of my family!!!








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