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Its the end of the race



Thank god. School is finaly over. And i am leaving in three days to see my best friend. I dont know why but this year, It feels weird to be leaving school. I guess becuase in 3 years i will be graduating high school... or the next year is my first year "of" high school.


This year (As you have seen in my outher post hehe) Has been very hectiv. But i always seem to find the light in most things. Even deadly algerbra. lol. Well i just thought today that i would check in. I might write more latter. But i am going to give the summer vacation a great big hug bouncesmile.gif lol. Talk to you latter guys.



xoxoxox silly.gif


p.s. Can someone please tell me how i can put pics up?









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Hi Alix,


Glad you are getting away for a few days! As for your question about pictures, if you don't find the answer in our "help" section, send lwisman a PM. Lin is our "picture" go-to person.



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