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Long time... No Blog



Hey everyone. Sorry i havent written in a long time. I am actualy not in New York, but in New Hampshier. It is beatifull here, it is less hecktec, and i wrote some good songs and poetry. I left home about three weeks ago and i am coming back in a day smile.gif i miss my mom, my dad, and my overly fluffy dog.


It has been an intresting summer so far, My mom is now working at a home for the mentaly disabled and injured. I think i jumped up and down more then she did. She will be going to school to become a nurse in a year or so. I know she is going to hate me for saying it, but i am happy for her. He he giggle giggle.


For some exciting news of my own, Has any one seen the MTV show MADE? I signed up for it. I want to become... Well, if i make it you will find out. lol. And if i do, i am so going to mention you guys biggrin.gif , lmao


Well, i am going to go hit the hay now. It is now 12:11 in NH. Another day. And yes... I am still counting them. cloud9.gif


Peace And love



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Hey Alixanandrea,

Sounds like your summer is a good one so far. So did you intentionally leave out meeting any boys? Hope all goes well the rest of the summer for you and your parents.


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