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cliques... do we need them?



Hey everyone. Today i am not in the greatest mood. I had a dream about my grandfather who passed away... he was on the outher line (On the phone) Then in the middle of saying "I love you" The phone died. So i woke up crying. My cousin, and best friend is moving today... and everyone in my house is at work most of the day. sad.gif


So i dicided to come here. Mabey you guys can cheer me up, you always do. lol. Ill write more latter, i have to go do summer reading for school. Bye...


Peace and Love



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Is there a way, to keep in contact with your friend, when he/she moves? Grieving a death, or move, is a slow and painful process.

Dreaming, about someone who died sucks, when you wake up and realize it was a dream.

Maybe you will get to dream about him more, than just last night.

What books, are on your summer reading list?

Maybe you have some good books to recommend to us, here on strokenetwork.

Glad to see your blog.

Keep us updated.



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Hope you are feeling a little better, it is hard and sometimes feel isolsated...can you keep in touch with cousin by phone, or is she/he moving far..maybe you can plan some "get togethers" if the distance is not great..just wanted to let yoi know we are thinking og you and sincerely today is a better day for you.


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