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Just a normal day...



Hey everyone. Today has been quite normal. And boring may i add. I am going over to my friends house latter to make another one of our short randum films. I am posting them on the internet soon so you can all see the madness. lol


I just started reading the new Harry Potter book, (Like everyone my age lol) and let me tell you how scared i was. My friends wanted to go to a borders book party beffore the book got released. Now, we have t go back a year when the 5th book came out. I went with my seventh grade class at 11:00 and we waited on line for 4 hours. It seemed normal intill this womem, dresses like Hermionie ran in an knocked people over, including me lmao, stole a book and ran for her life out of the store scream "Harry will live on!!" No you know when you see that... you have almost seen everything. lol


Well i am going to go. I am sorry i havnet been posting (for the people who actualy read my little blog lol) But i will post more. Byez!

Peace And Love

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