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An extra poem...



Just a poem i was making, here it is...


The silver Lining,

fading fast. Leaving nothing

but the afterglow of life in its



Looking, cetching your eyes

to mine. Your everythought

pouring from you.


The yellow stars,

fading... Becasue the

afterglow caught up

with love.



I know, it honestly makes no scence. But thats what you get when you have a sleep diprived 14 year old writing at 4 in the morning. lol. I realy dont understand the meaning... guess i wrote it from a dream. What do you guys think?

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NICE, Alix!


Sometime the best poems start out like this (a partial thought that you had to get down but not really understanding its meaning). A few months from know---even few years from now---you'll look at and tweak it here and there, fill out some phrases, and it will totally blow your mind that your finished poem could come from you're thoughts. Don't ever throw these little writing away. I've had things like this inspire me twenty years later!



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