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One Day Left





Well, tommorrow is Thursday, only one day left till hubby comes home. Tonight I was moving furniture so that tommorrow the equipment can be delivered. I got a phone call from my parents tonight - my mom was telling me that my husband had called her and my Dad today and wanted to know if they where both driving with me to pick him up on Friday. Mom said he sounded so excited. Then hubby wanted to talk to my Dad - to discuss the Phillies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not worried about caring for him - I know that I can do it. My only concern is getting him in and out of the car. He has lost so much strength over the past 10 months. He has no upper body strength and he doesn't understand when we ask him to do certain things with his body while using the transfer board. We actually have to pull him in and out of the car. I am hoping that this will all change once PT starts.


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