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Home At Last!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well today I brought Chris home. It was very challenging getting him in and out of the car. Unfortunately he had alot of pain in his leg which didn't make it any easier. He has been eating non-stop. This is something I have to try to get him to work on. I was amazed Friday night he only woke up once with pain - I gave him his meds and he slept till 10am Saturday morning. Saturday was a blurrrrrr. waycon1.gif It took me 2 hours to do his morning routine and get him in his wheelchair. Sunday was much better - it only took me 1 hour to do his morning routine.


Chris has really calmed down since he came home. I am very concerned about the amount of pain he has in his arm and leg. His mind is very clear and he is trying to help with rolling from side to side, in the past two days I have seen him move his left arm and leg - I don't know if he realizes he is doing it.


The physical therapist is coming on Tuesday, I am very curious to see what he/she has to say.


Chris has told me that he feels better mentally - he doesn't feel as depressed as before - and that he can't believe that he is disabled. We spend alot of time just talking.


I have seen improvement in him in many ways - I never saw anything in regards to him trying or improvement while in the nursing home. I really feel like he was giving up - but I guess I would to if no one worked with me.


So everyday will have a different turn - I'm sure there will be bad days and good days but I'm very happy that I pushed and pulled to get him home. happydance.gif



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