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You can hear that school is out!



I know I did write previously that I liked the sound of my daughters friends knocking on the back door, now they just open it up like it is there home! I will find a stop to that. And how they like to use our waterhose when ever. I was just outside pooper scooping our backyard, when I heard "Amy watch this, watch that." I wanted to say"You are not my kid, I don't care about the tricks you are doing on the swingset!" But instead, my autopiolet teacher remarks kick in, "Wow, Good, Be careful" The littlest one is getting really into tattling, I had a talk with him and my daughter tonight about not tattling, and use the powerful tool of ignoring instead, or "OFF the TRAMPOLINE you will all go!

These boys just crave anykind of adult attention b/c their parents let them fend for themselves in the summer. I would rather them be playing in my yard then get run over in the street for careless bike riding. Or maybe it is time for my hubby to put up a fence in the yard, no...cause then they would come to our front door. I usually don't mind, but I am irratable this week, womanly reasons, and kids are just getting on my nerves.


Oh, did I mention that they bring up the subject sex with my daughter? She asked her Daddy the other day What sex was. They make comments to my daughter, like"WE can't go inside right now b/c my parents have on their love music, and they are having ...." So, naturally our daughter wants to know what it is. My husband had a hard time with the fact that the real world was being exposed to her, I told him, that it will not get any better when she starts to Kindergarten and Lord knows Home Schooling is not the answer.

WEll thanks for listening!



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So you're the house on the street that all the kids go to? My hat is literally off to you and the patience and caring that goes into who you are, and what you represent. I can never be "that house" on the street. My patience level is well below normal about 90% of the day.



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Someone has to be the 'village' that helps raise the kids. I'm glad that you neighborhood has such a caring and skillful woman to to fill that role. I know it's a pain sometime, but I can tell you this: My mom was was the 'village' for many decades, and when she died she had the biggest funeral I'd ever been to. Those little kids had grown up and at the funeral they told me so many stories of how she had influenced their lives for the better. You just never know how the littles you might do, that means nothing to you, will impact a child for life.



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