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Ring Worm!



Tonight, after my daughter's bath, I was watching her dry herself off, and noticed a red place on her leg. I looked at it close thinking it was only a mosquito bite, but noticed it was bumpy, symmetrical circle, with a definite shiny circle, in the middle. I was a public school teacher for 5 yrs. I also have a degree in I.D-ing fungus on children's skin.

I put some anti-fungal cream on it, covered it with a bandaid. Hopefully I have the correct diagnosis.

Where did she get it? I have retraced our steps. We have a dog, but I refuse to believe that our clean, inside dog gave it to our daughter. She rarely goes outdoors (just in our yard) to do her business, she is not allowed to socialize with too many dogs, b/c I don't want her getting a thing from someone else' nasty dog. Our dog goes to the vet regular, and gets tested for things. I think she picked it up at the public library!

That will put water on our little library kick, I can just imagine some book, that we brought to our house, had ringworm fungus on it from someone's nasty house/kid.


I used to not have a problem. with germs/fungus, until we lived in our little world free of others/germs/rashes/virus'/sickness/ free of the schools. Well, maybe this is a dose of reality, that I need since I am about to immerse her into a cestpool of germs, at Kindergarten.

I feel like I am a gross parent, since my kid has ringworm. I know I'm not. i t makes me feel dirty, like I haven't kept her clean good or something.


I don't think she got it from a shopping cart, b/c she doesn't ride in them anymore post stroke, it gets too heavy for Mommy to steer good with a child in it.The park? Maybe, but I think it came from the library.


Do I sound like one of the few teachers at my old school who used to not think twice about checking a child's head for lice/knits? NO. I have even witnessed live lice crawling on desk, jumping off heads onto the child's shoulder's, the host child playing with them on their desk. I wonder where that Amy went?


I have just gotten used to the clean life of staying at home, and not worrying about anyone else's child but my own.Living in our own germs.


The last time I brought home lice from school, my hubby got so mad at me, b/c he said I was hugging the kids too much. He is kind a a germ-a-phob, and flipped out. We spendt some $$ de-lousing our house:WE went to the extreme, did not want a relapse. Had pillows bagged for weeks, we went nuts!!

I thought it was funny, now I am sitting on the other side of the fence, thinking it is gross, not a parasite, but a fungus.Me? This is weird.

If I ever go back to public school teaching, I will have to be detoxed again. I am going to ask those little neighbor boys if they have any circular, itchy spots on them. They could have given it to her! I know it is just a fungus, and fungus lives all over our body, it has just been a while since I have been around germ places, had a child sneeze on me, been vomited on,etc, yes, I have walked down the hall passed my co-workers, sprayed in someone else's vomit! I could I.D what she had eaten for breakfast on my skirt, and shoes, closed toe, thankfully. I smelled so bad! My boss, let me leave to go home re-shower and come back to work. I had to commute back home, with my windows rolled down, trying not to look at it. Swallowing my own dry heave's .

Anyone else have child with ring worm? It is on her precious little leg! Bible School is this week, I think I'll recommend a band-aid and jeans, lord knows I don't want anyone local to find out.

Yes, I am neurotic and Obessive Compulsive.smile.gif TBI Survivor

Crazy Amy

Please feel free to share any body fungus stories with me!

I am tired and talking crazy.


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if hating germs and fungi is "obsessive/compulsive, i am RIGHT there with you. i am not 100% sure, but i don't think ringworm can be passed from animal to human, like i said, i'm not 100% sure.


at any rate it is VERY GROSS!!!!! i hope you can get rid of it soon. you asked for fungus stories. this is WORSE. my younger sister ( who is a neat freak) had a house guest for a week last summer who had SCABIES( of course she didnt know it) until she, her husband, and two kids were infected.



it took them WEEKS of treatments to get rid of IT and they had to throw away a new sofa( where the "infected" had slept) a mattress, and have their entire home Fumigated, TWICE. also, if it ever re-runs on discovery channel, watch the one about people getting parasites. especially about the story of the woman who got tape worm from visiting a foreign country and HOW she found out she had it. you will NEVER eat or drink anything again without boiling it!!!!!!! eeeeeewwwwwwww



my best

kim outofhere.gif

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Kim, Thank you for sharing your fungus story with me. Wow scabies, I didn't realize it was so bad, I'll take ringworm anyday, nothing that a little Lotramin can't take care of. I have never seen scabies, maybe I will google it later today and read up on it.


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