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Movie:Shark boy and Lava girl



I know this blog has nothing to do with stroke, but it seems that every movie I see, I can,relate it to my stroke. My hubby thinks I am crazy. It was said in the movie, if you dream and it doesn't work out, dream a better dream. I realized, that I haven't done that since ny teaching career was pulled out from under me.

I felt tremendously happy all 3 of us sitting together with our 3-D glasses on, knowing my daughter has been looking so forward to seeing it. My hubby didn't care to much for it, but I enjoyed it, I am easily enjoyable these days, it doesn't take much.


That is what happens when you enjoy the simple things of life.


It was so hot today here in Arkansas. Hubby wanted to go for a run, ofcourse daughter wanted to go and ride her bike, me? I wanted to stay inside in the 70ish degree AC house, with my feet propped up, but I tourtured myself by talking negative to motivate me to get out and live life instead of watching/waiting at the sidelines. When I was drenched in sweat, daughter riding fast on her pink bike with training wheels, My foot wanted to drop and try to trip me. I did rest a few times on the benches they have along the way, cardio wise, I could have kept going, but heat wise, it was a killer.

I hate to sweat! My hair is just now prestroke length, and I am glad there are no hair shops on the walking trail, or I would have been in for a buzz cut. I am determined to grow my hair back out. Can anyone put a ponytail holder in with one hand? I have been having my hubby do it for me. I need to practice more.

WEll, sleep is knocking.



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it's a funny thing, but i have had a burning desire to get my hair back "like it was", get in shape" like i was", etc..... much like you. i think maybe that we feel somehow if we "look the same" then we will be. ya know? i don't think that is so far fetched. i know i feel tons better having gotten up off my sorry rump and started participating rather than watching. there's something to be said about it.


as for arkansas heat, try living in the SAME heat, but in a greenhouse of humidity that we have in central alabama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have opted for "inside" physical activities!!!!! i don't think a heat stroke will help either one of our causes at the moment!!!!! my best girl cause as you know it aint easy!!!!!



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Post Stroke, I have had this desire to go back to my college look, size 5, hair down to my waist, I know I can do my hair thing, but a size 5, may be a tough one for me. I 'll try though. Slow and steady wins the race!


I'll pass on your Alabama heat/humidity

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today and my son almost went to lava girl movie but then we decided we will watch it next saturday with his friends and watched malagascar movie it was funny, so we both enjoyed, hubby as usual dropped us at theatre and picked us up after movie while we were watching movie he got oil change in his car, he is all about work, movie things and all that fun stuff is my department with my son, I hate to complain, but its so hot here, that I won't mind winter



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it was 90 in our atea, and I should be last to complain since in bobay during summer time it goes to 30 degree centrigrade, now you do conversion it to farenheat or whatever that is



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