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hubby's going out of town AGAIN, ( couldn't be happier) to play black jack on the gulf coast with friends. i have decided i am going to sleep with matt every night while he's gone. he HATES matt. matt is hot. he is a full size body length mat with vibrators and a heating pad all in one with adjustable settings. i love "the mat" so much , i named him, like i do my cars. MATT makes hubby angry. he is even JEALOUS OF INANIMATE OBJECTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL giggle.gifgiggle.gif



i'll have a FEVER and say "BRING ME MATT"!!! i'll be cold in the winter and say "BRING ME MATT"!!!!! or just want a massage " BRING ME MATT"!!!!! MATT really *beep* my husband off royally. MATT has serviced me well over the years. he never gets hungry, or asks lots of questions, or needs any attention, he just let's me be me. you can throw him under the bed, or on top of the closet , CRY on him, MATT does'nt care. cloud9.gifcloud9.gif


once hubby said " you are entirely too attached to that mat, it's like a ventriloquist with his dummy, it ain't natural" . i said" i wouldn't be talking to him and stuff if it didnt bother you so much". (lol) then he says" kim, i don't really know how to take that". once he tried to kill MATT. put him in the wash. MATT didnt die, he only lost light in one of his sensors, but he still works. MATT and i are a lot alike now. we're both damaged, but we still work.

i'm going to enjoy some quality time with him for the next few days.



kim happydance.gif


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If Matt ever needs a place to hide out from your husband, send up to Michigan. I think both Don and I would love sleeping with him---ah, it.



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