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iPad application and chat assist...



So I have the cursed iPad, but maybe not cursed....... I downloaded a application called chat assist..... And Dan has been diligently working with it....... I give him flash card words... Like 10 of them.... House, dog, cat, blue, red. Ect........ And he types the word on a key board attached to the iPad. As he types it says each letter as he types it and then it says the word as a whole..... So the word dog............ Dan types a d and the chat assist says " d" then the o , and the g .... Then when he hits enter it says dog........ So far he is enjoying the task.... What is interesting is watching him hunt all over for the letter and again let's use the example dog....... He is looking for the letter d. But he will be saying... F, f, f as he is looking for the d.... He does find and press the d... But it just shows the aphasia..... He knew what he wanted but the right letter or word just keeps coming out.... So much frustration.... But the nice thing about the chat assist , is it don't get tired of the same mundane exercise , as we care givers do and then those cues in our voice come through... The boredom, the frustration of the same over and over again... The chat assist has its same cheerful voice no matter what... Yes it is a computer generated voice , but in this case it is a nice voice to here, no accidental judgement, just the factual word " dog" ... D...o...g.............." Dog"


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I am mystified about Ray and exercises like this. When he is in speech therapy, his therapist will show him 50 photographs of things on her iPad and he names every one. But he can't do it with drawings, such as the ones on the cards I bought for home, and he has NEVER spontaneously named anything in real life. Sometimes I think it's just a dog and pony show put on for my sake only. Not that it doesn't sound wonderful to hear Ray saying words whichever way he can!


I am so impressed with Dan's progress, since he can use the words he learns in real life too so it is a great tool for someone like him. Ray won't even touch the laptop I bought him, not even for the games, or to look at the big news of the day, and I'm afraid to spend more money on another gadget that will just gather dust. So happy for you that Dan has the initiative to do what has to be done! He is an inspiration.

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Nancy, that's great Dan can use the Ipad for his learning to say and recognize different words. That's a start. I just hope he continues and don't get mad at you for no reason or pull one of his situations like he did in Arizona.


So don't hit him over the head with the Ipad. I forget I got mine.

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Nancy: Bruce is a lot like Colleen's Ray. While he was still in rehab, I tossed all the computers, bought him this laptop - big keyboard and of course, now, the Nook. I have downloaded all sorts of things. He will read on the Nook - likes magazines (easier and less tiring) but that is about it. And he still gives up if the word doesn't come, but exactly like you said, just from my facial expression and tone, he knows he has to continue. Debbie

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