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Dan continues to work on his assisting chat...... Reply to treadmill



It is gonna be a long haul ...years and years ... But Dan is working on relearning words.... The assistive chat has been amazing... But it is monotonous work.. But so far he does his homework, the speech therapist likes the program for him and gave him new words to set him up for sentence patterning... I knew they had a special way of introducing words... Just nouns and verbs for now...this is the week starting last Friday that I have Weston. And so far it has went better than I expected.... Hope I am not writing that to soon... Weston does well with gumpa and knows to move and to listen and to always leave grandpa alone if the bedroom door is shut.. Which is often, always often though... Stroke equals sleep ..don'tch know.... I am so glad cat beleau is back and on the road to recovery... I can't reply to her. Log but want to acknowledge her return to our little stroknet family...well tomorrow new day.. Dan has two physical therapy sessions left... But I am considering a self pay for one hour a week with a aid assisting Dan and his normal therapist will stretch him and instruct the aid ... It is a social thing that provides structure for us and keeps dans pt aware of his progression.. Regression .......... And a request for more therapy can be made if he regressed to the point it is necessary..... Dans actual therapies cost 75.00 for a 15 min increment... Ouch .... So I am thinking 15 with the pt for stretch and 15 with the aid to walk on the ultra G .. I think I can swing that much at least for a while... Dan is such a fence sitter I don't want him to tip backwards.... Well everyone have a good week...




The altra g Dan uses at therapy is a specialized zero gravity treadmill... He can walk on it bearing only 20 percent of his body weight if need be... He typically bears 70 percent of his weight, keeps him from grinding his hip.... Is old love to have one but they cost 48 grand.... And a reg treadmill he can't do he would get hurt unfortunately...it is a wonderful machine, that I helped fundraiser for, since I could see it would help so many, and it does.......

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Hey if it works, you can afford it, then try that's the way to go. Down the road you can't see or don't see any improvements then you can decide what you want to do and not kick yourself for not doing what you could have done.


I feel I came this far by faith and determination to get better in all I do and I don't look back to say I should have!

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