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back to regularly scheduled program



Thanks everyone for all of your comments they were much needed and appreciated. When my medicaid starts back up I will ask the doc to find me a therapist. I am reading the Secret and the Law of Attraction still trying to fight the depression and self-harming thoughts. To Sandy, I quit taking the anti-depressant because it was making me feel worse. To those that I chatted with that day, I told my supervisor my vision loss was the cause of me getting my schedule mixed up. She kind of understood I guess and let me make up the hours yesterday. I still hope she doesn't hold it against me the next time I accidentally put books out of order. I usually try harder to re-read the call numbers just in case and sometimes I have caught myself so if she ever says anything to me about it, I will let her know that I always double check before placing the books on the shelf to compensate for my vision loss.



I have been using my e-stim. I don't always do it twice a day and sometimes I don't do it at all. I have to start making it more of a priority. My electrodes are not sticky anymore so I dont get the best reaction from it. I e-mailed my OT and she told me to wet them and leave them overnight so I did that and am going to see if it makes a difference today. The batteries died in about a week but luckily the company sent me rechargeable batteries, an extra pair, and the thing to charge them with. I love being able to move my fingers again, I just wish there was something I could do about my wrist.



Alas, the brace guy brought me my new sleeping splint. It is very light and comes with a pump so I can inflate and deflate where my fingers are. I was so excited and eager to wear it to sleep but it has not been working out for me. I can straighten my wrist using my good hand but actually getting it on the splint and strapping it in is very time consuming and hard using only my good hand. Furthermore I always wake up in the middle of the night and take it off. I am going to e-mail my OT and see if there is any stretches I can do before bed to help. So far I have been doing e-stim after my shower (the warm water relax the muscles) before bed.



The brace guy also took a look at my AFO since my PT said I needed an insert to help keep my foot from flopping to the center. The brace guy was the bearer of bad news. He said I need anti-pronater shoes and I need to buy a new pair of cross trainers. I have been wearing the same cheap tennis shoes since 2009 and since my foot pronates, my brace is too big for my foot so it has stretched out my shoe making me pronate even more since there is nothing to wedge that space. I am flat footed and knock knee'd so by getting a new brace and new shoes this will lift my feet from flopping to the center when I walk which will in turn straighten my knees from going to the center when I stand.


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What about going to Walmart to use that Dr, Scholls number machine, it's free, then find your number sole to put in your shoe. Maybe problem solved? I think any brace for your wrist is out the question in YOUR mind yet they do you good when you decide to wear one.


I kept mine on until I didn't need it after I started driving again. Therapy took away my AFO saying I didn't need it any longer. Good luck Lil Sister!

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I'm surprised you are not getting many letters in the mail asking you to purchase more sticky pads to use with the machine. They worried me so much I quit using the machine. My health care lady just asked me if I had one to use, I said sure do in the drawer.

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I had written a long reply earlier that got eaten by the internet again. My e-stim came with a little clear plastic film that I stick the pads back down to, so they don't dry out being exposed to the air - like leaving bread out that gets hard. I have this stuff I squirt them with and then stick them down, I guess water would work somewhat as good. Of course, they are unplugged from the device

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